Celebrating Every Day

Last Tuesday, my mom came into the city to get Bailey. I was supposed to go to the beach on Wednesday, and then I was going to head up to Maine on Friday morning.

I ended up getting a call that afternoon for the freelance gig I’ve been at for the past week, and I’m heading to Philly for the Healthy Living Summit this Friday, so he’s been in NJ since last Wednesday.

I’ve missed that little dude, so I hopped on the train tonight to head home to see him. And my parents, too, I guess.

We went to my favorite NJ restaurant, Portobello. 

My mom is really good at always finding a reason to cheers, so tonight we cheers-ed to my recent races and the freelance gig.


They brought us out salad, and my dad and I split our favorite appetizer, mozzarella and carrozza. It’s basically a fried Italian grilled cheese with mozzarella, and it’s pretty amazing, especially since I only have it once every few months.


For my entrée, I got farfalle with lobster and sundried tomatoes. It was good, but something was definitely a bit off.

I was pretty bummed the sprint tri didn’t give out medals…


…so my mom got a medal made for me, which she gave me at dinner!


Bailey got a medal, too. He’s not quite as accomplished an athlete as his buddy Murphy, but he definitely joins me for 3-mile jaunts when the weather is temperate, so he earned his little medal, too.

What would you cheers to tonight?

And what distance do you consider legit enough to earn a medal?

12 comments on “Celebrating Every Day

  1. Shannon

    That was a heartwarming post! My sister got a medal engraved for me when I ran a 1/2 marathon a couple years ago – this took me back to that moment, such a great memory!

  2. Mindy

    Gosh!! That is so cool. It’s nice to have a cheerleader in your corner like that… and medals are prettttty awesome! 🙂 She seems super upbeat too, with finding things to cheers about. It’s nice to remember to look for the positives. I want to hang out with your mom! 🙂 She doesn’t even have to give me a medal, I promise. 🙂

  3. caroline

    i love that you’re so close with your mom. my mom is my best friend and she reminds me a lot of your mom!


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