If I Had Just Run This Morning…

I wouldn’t have had to take the ferry because there was traffic at the tunnel because I missed the train.



I wouldn’t have had to eat such a carb-tastic lunch because I didn’t want to eat anything too complex before running tonight.

photo 3.JPG

But it was good. I don’t complain about pasta while marathon training.

photo 1.JPG

I wouldn’t have had to lug this bag around after work. I could have gone home and dropped it off rather than dropping it off at the gym while I ran in the park and then lugging it out afterwards.

photo 4.JPG

Well, if I had run this morning, I’m sure I probably still would have stared at this for a few minutes.

photo 1.JPG

I wouldn’t have caught the very beginning of a thunderstorm in the park.

But maybe my run would have been slower. I was supposed to run a 2-mile warm-up, 3 miles @ 8:35 pace, and 2-mile cool-down. I ran the three tempo miles at 8:45, 8:34, 8:39. Not all at 8:39, but pretty damn close. Must have been the pasta.

But maybe if I hadn’t had the pasta, I would have been able to have completely finished my run, rather than stopping at 6.02, walking to the gym to use the bathroom and hopping on the treadmill for .53 miles before realizing how late I was for “book” club. (No book this month! Just wine!)

photo 2.JPG

But if I hadn’t been running late, I definitely (maybe?) wouldn’t have taken a cab, and I wouldn’t have seen these people camped out to see Lady Gaga across from MTV.

photo 3.JPG

And I wouldn’t have seen Lady Gaga herself in the MTV window.

But I also wouldn’t have been almost an hour late to “book” club. (Sorry, Emily.)

And I might have had time to pack for Healthy Living Summit? Crap.

5 comments on “If I Had Just Run This Morning…

  1. Allison

    Some days I have the same thoughts myself. What if I had worked out in the morning? Lately, I haven’t had time before I go to professional development trainings and doubt I’ll get up before school begins [first year teacher, school starts @ 7:40AM]… Nonetheless, whenever I get a workout in, be it morning or night, I always feel better 😀 Just think, you worked hard regardless of the time!


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