The Quiet After the Storm

Greetings from NJ, where the worst of the hurricane seems to have passed.


Which is good, because Bailey had to go out.


My classy head-to-toe? North Face ski coat, Lululemon crops and a pair of really awkward-height Hunters scored on Gilt a few years ago and worn exactly twice. Bailey’s? Yellow raincoat courtesy of the pet store.


So far, this looks like the only damage in my parents’ house, which isn’t too too bad. Oh, and our patience.


My dad tied the grill to the house, which ended up being completely unnecessary but is now kind of funny.


There’s a giant puddle in the driveway, which Bailey really liked splashing through. Thanks buddy.


We stopped at Starbucks on the way home, because just in the case the world ended, I wanted to have one more spinach feta wrap.

Then I basically spent the day eating. I mean, what else are you supposed to do?


Chicken francese with brown rice and broccoli.


My mom made me clean my closet, and I now have quite a few bags of clothes. Does anyone have any interest in buying anything? Lots of Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, J. Crew and Vineyard Vines stuff in sizes 10-14. Let me know if you’re interested and I can photograph some stuff and post it. Otherwise, I’ll be sending it all to Goodwill.


Because they’re sort of big on me.

Although after this hurricane, they might not be any more.


Texas toast.


Spaghetti and meatballs. (With whole-wheat pasta. I pretended to be healthy-ish last night.)


And pancakes this morning. My mom apologized for not using Crisco in the pancakes, which is how she used to make them.

No, Mom, thank you.

Now that the bulk of the storm seems to have passed, I’m hoping to maybe get in a hot yoga class later this afternoon.

How about you? Have you been eating your weight in food so you could float away if you had to, too? How bad was the storm by you?

17 comments on “The Quiet After the Storm

  1. Samantha

    I literally had the same breakfast this morning! I made sweet potato fries last night just incase I had no power today…which I do. I live in a Zone A area and doesn’t seem like there was much damage yet..

  2. Meari

    We were in the Hampton Roads area waiting out Irene… but I’m glad I’m not the only person that ate my way through the storm.

    And I think it’s funny, I really need to work clothes, but I refuse to buy new ones until I go down a size…. after this weekend it’ll be a while.

  3. Tracey

    That’s one of the worst things about riding out hurricanes in Florida. You stock up on junk food because that’s all that will keep if the power goes. And then you sit around and do nothing but eat. Blech. I’ll email you about the clothes, although after eating and drinking my way through Vegas this weekend, not sure they’ll fit!

  4. Allison

    I was laughing throughout this post- looks like a fun time at home! Must feel so refreshing cleaning out your closet, great accomplishment… Although, I have to agree, after the day I had yesterday of sitting and eating, I definitely rocking the comfy clothes today ;P

    P.S. Irene was nothing in the DC area either, a lot of hype, a little storm…

  5. janet scudieri

    Those pancakes looked good. If your mother would buy the
    house next door to me, she could have made breakfast for
    all of us..Try to talk her into it. Have a great weekend,
    your mom looks so forward to you coming.

    1. Theodora Post author

      Thanks! He hates the jacket until he gets outside and sees why it’s necessary.

      As far as the clothes, I’m going to take some pics and post them in the next few days! Thanks for the interest!

  6. Britney

    I don’t have a lot of work clothes because what I had ended up getting too big (not a bad thing) and since then I haven’t wanted to put a lot of effort into expanding my wardrobe and replacing my old clothes.

    Every time I go home my mom makes me clean out something, too. Last month it was all the books in my closet. I actually ended up donating most of them.

  7. Beth

    I’m so glad you and the fam are coming out of the storm on the good side!
    I’m on my way down on sizes so would be really interested in your clothes πŸ™‚


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