When Life Gives You a Hurricane, Drink a Hurricane


When there’s a hurricane coming, you should immediately seek out your nearest bar and order a hurricane cocktail, right?


Before peacing out for NJ this morning, I met Lacey and some friends at HighPoint Bistro & Bar for dinner and cocktails.

I quickly looked at the website yesterday afternoon and liked what I saw:

Highpoint Bar and Grill was designed with a rigorous design process, integrating the local / organic food movement of the New American Cuisine with the dense urban life of Chelsea.
Local/organic? Yes please.

They brought us out bread in a little shopping cart, which was sort of random, but the bread was really good.
Lacey and I split a few of their smaller dishes for our meal.

The buffalo chicken lollipops. Sounded pretty amazing, were pretty mediocre. The chicken tasted like it was ground chicken, which was really underwhelming.

The Bucket O’Mussels. (Yes, it was seriously called that.) We immediately moved the shoestring fries (which, by the way, are really hard to eat) to the side to devour the mussels.

And fries with chives and truffle oil. I don’t think I’ve ever met anything made with truffle oil I didn’t like.
Not bad for a pre-hurricane sort of Last Supper.
What would you eat for your last meal if you were about to hunker down to ride out a storm?

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  1. Allison

    Haha those mini shopping carts seem so random but cute! Was there a shopping cart theme throughout the rest of the restaurant?! Hope you had safe travels!


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