That Time I Outran a Hurricane

Just in case you haven’t turned on a TV or looked at the Internet in the past week, and I’m your primary source of information:



I was supposed to run a sweet race on the beach tomorrow, so I was going to get my long run out of the way today anyway, but then this Irene bitch made it a necessity.

photo 2.JPG

I met up with the fast and friendly Gia, her husband and friend around 42nd Street so that I could knock out 12 miles today.

We ran down the West Side Highway to the Brooklyn Bridge and ran back over the Manhattan Bridge before I split up with them to run back west. Running with Gia is never easy–she’s definitely faster than me–but it’s a fun challenge to try to keep up with her.

And we outran the storm. (I mean, it’s technically not coming until tomorrow anyway, but still.)

photo 1.PNG

I ran straight to Murray’s Bagels, and foursquare called me a fatty. Listen foursquare, I just ran 12 miles, okay? I kind of really like carbs.


I mean, this is why I run. For bagels.

I spent a lazy afternoon trying to decide whether to stay put for the hurricane or go home to NJ.

It would be so much fun if I stayed and hurricane partied and took cool pictures. But if I get stuck in my apartment or my windows break because I’m on a high floor? Fail.

There are plenty of other days to party, and I can look at other people’s cool pictures on the Internet. I guess. I would like 10 nights in a row drinking wine and having fun when I come back.

“What should I pick up for you, sweetie?” my mom asked.

I gave her a list, but it basically consisted of bananas, nut butter, carbs, vegetables and booze. That’s all I really need.


I went to Duane Reade to do my own storm prep. It looks like the ATM was already out of cash.


And running low on water.


But I got my own hurricane essentials.

So tell me. What do you think about this hurricane? Are you worried or not so much? And what are your hurricane essentials?

19 comments on “That Time I Outran a Hurricane

  1. Cheryle

    I’m in Portland, Oregon so have never prepped for a hurricane, but do have an earthquake disaster kit in my garage with medical supplies and bottled water. I guess I should put some food in there too. 🙂 Maybe some booze.

    My niece lives in Washington Heights so I am keeping a close eye on CNN, although I think auntie is more worried than she is – she’s off drinking wine at Happy Hour!

  2. Chelsea

    I go between being very freaked and very apathetic. But we have batteries, toilet paper, some canned nonperishables, water, and most importantly, red wine and board games, so I’m hoping I’ll be okay.

  3. Carol Blanchfield

    Ok, so we are getting hit with Irene are we,
    Well, I believe in being prepared, in case she decides to
    hang around for a while,
    We have Breakfast food,
    Bacon and eggs, or omletes with brucetta
    Strawberries and blueberries
    whole wheat muffins with sunbutter
    or pancakes and cereal

    Dinner and or lunch
    Chicken Francaise
    scallops with Brown rice
    Eggplant Parm
    Spagetti with meatballs
    avocado, Bananas, peaches, grapes

    and then for a snack with the Wine and Beer
    Coconut water, water
    pizza rolls
    pita chips with salsa
    ice cream
    goat cheese
    Mozz Sticks

    And of course we don’t forget Bailey and his Chicken


  4. Gwen

    OMG, I <3 your Mom.

    I feel like it's kinda hyped up, but I also think NYC could get it worse than DC is going to. I bought into the hype though and have a case of water. Luckily, I had just gone grocery shopping. I brewed four Kcups in the fridge, just in case we lose power and I need coffee. I'll drink it any temp!

  5. Kimra

    My earthquake kit currently consists of 3.5 2-liter bottles of water (we forgot they were for the kit and opened one), my NPR-membership-reward hand crank radio, and scotch.

  6. Jayme

    I’m in Canada (east-ish coast) no hurricane warnings yet – but bracing ourselves for side effects by Sunday, the same day I’m running a Half. Oh joy.

    Stay safe! Glad you got your necessities!

  7. Allison

    The stores were a mob scene the past two days! Funny thing is, many people were stocking up on FROZEN items… I must not be in the know and maybe everyone has some new type of fridge that isn’t power operated?!

    P.S. I totes love your “I <3 Sweat" t-shirt! I read that you got it from one of your girlfriends who is running in a marathon- is she selling them?!

  8. Kim K

    found your blog through Alis…

    when i was in NYC last month, i had my first trip to murrays – delish!!!

    so glad the hurricane didnt really affect boston so much – hope you were safe and sound!


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