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That Time I Outran a Hurricane

Just in case you haven’t turned on a TV or looked at the Internet in the past week, and I’m your primary source of information:



I was supposed to run a sweet race on the beach tomorrow, so I was going to get my long run out of the way today anyway, but then this Irene bitch made it a necessity.

photo 2.JPG

I met up with the fast and friendly Gia, her husband and friend around 42nd Street so that I could knock out 12 miles today.

We ran down the West Side Highway to the Brooklyn Bridge and ran back over the Manhattan Bridge before I split up with them to run back west. Running with Gia is never easy–she’s definitely faster than me–but it’s a fun challenge to try to keep up with her.

And we outran the storm. (I mean, it’s technically not coming until tomorrow anyway, but still.)

photo 1.PNG

I ran straight to Murray’s Bagels, and foursquare called me a fatty. Listen foursquare, I just ran 12 miles, okay? I kind of really like carbs.


I mean, this is why I run. For bagels.

I spent a lazy afternoon trying to decide whether to stay put for the hurricane or go home to NJ.

It would be so much fun if I stayed and hurricane partied and took cool pictures. But if I get stuck in my apartment or my windows break because I’m on a high floor? Fail.

There are plenty of other days to party, and I can look at other people’s cool pictures on the Internet. I guess. I would like 10 nights in a row drinking wine and having fun when I come back.

“What should I pick up for you, sweetie?” my mom asked.

I gave her a list, but it basically consisted of bananas, nut butter, carbs, vegetables and booze. That’s all I really need.


I went to Duane Reade to do my own storm prep. It looks like the ATM was already out of cash.


And running low on water.


But I got my own hurricane essentials.

So tell me. What do you think about this hurricane? Are you worried or not so much? And what are your hurricane essentials?