Fear in the Kitchen

Before I start this post, let’s get one thing straight: I am not one of those OMG PUMPKIN! people. I don’t love it or hate it any more than the next gourd.

With that said, it’s supposedly fall, and I can’t turn on my computer without seeing a recipe for pumpkin something-or-other, so I thought I’d give some of these recipes a try. I bought a few cans of pumpkin yesterday with the intent of making pumpkin whoopie pies (which I will, later), but by the time I started cooking, I was starving and exhausted from not sleeping well the night before, so I jumped right into pumpkin for dinner.

I’d remembered that Leslie had a pumpkin penne recipe, but when I checked it out, there was too much cheese for me. I realized that I had some yogurt and figured I could probably make a decent pumpkin sauce mixing some yogurt with the pumpkin. So when I googled “pumpkin pasta Greek yogurt,” I found Roni’s Pasta with Pumpkin, Sausage and Spinach. Perfect.


And chicken sausage! I almost always have that.


This step, the put-lots-of-broth-and-let-it-boil-down step, made me nervous.


What if it doesn’t boil down? (Truth be told, this is the face I make 95% of the time I’m in the kitchen. I’m always convinced I’m on the brink of ruining something.)


But alas, it did and was incredibly tasty.



This morning, I took these babies out for five miles. My other shoes were almost at 300 miles and were starting to feel like they had no support left, so it was time to leave. I’m slightly superstitious and wanted to get a good color for good luck for the marathon, but I’m a weird size (10.5) and the good color was sold out in my size everywhere. At least these have some pink? Last year, I ran the marathon in purple Sauconys and loved them. But apparently I loved ’em, and left ’em–I left them in my hotel room by accident 🙁

Screen shot 2011-09-30 at 12.00.12 PM.png

See? Those are cool.

13 comments on “Fear in the Kitchen

  1. Kristen (inspiredbydooce)

    Waiting for things to reduce or boil off is torture. I’m also always convinced it won’t work…but it always does.

    Totally jealous of your colourful shoes. My husband always has super flashy racing shoes (thanks to running in Addidas and Saucony) but mine always end up being boring and white with accents of either blue or purple. Just once I want flashy shoes 🙂

  2. Michelle

    Hahah. I did the same thing when I ordered my marathon Mizunos. I hunted down the purple ones. I find zappos usually has a good selection of color/sizes if you know the shoe and the size!

  3. Mary (A Merry Life)

    The pumpkin stuff does get out of control this time of year, but I do like a few pumpkin recipes now and again. I like most of Roni’s recipes so I need to try that one!

    Also, I’m the same way in the kitchen. Things usually turn out fine but I always think it will be a disaster as I’m cooking.

  4. Caro

    I don’t really like all those bright colors in running shoes.I like them black 😀
    My all time favourite shoe is the nike lunar glide. I love love love this shoe. (I had different Brooks models, asics and nikes)

  5. ellen

    love the shoes! i’m debating whether i’ll need another new pair for the marathon to start rotating in (the newest pair was from july and prob has about 300 miles by now). hmm… maybe i will.

    i’m with you on pumpkin. like it, sure. obsessed? not so much. your din din looks tasty 🙂


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