Mixing It Up

I get bored very easily.

If you only know me through my blog, this may shock you.

I eat the same things over and over again. (Hello sunflower butter sandwiches, spinach feta wraps and Pump.)

I run three to four times a week.

But I actually get bored very easily.

Bored of the same running routes, bored of going to the same places. (No offense, D.C. people, but this is why I had to leave. I felt like I’d been to everywhere I wanted to go and then just kept going back to the same places over and over again. Of course, after I leave, D.C. has to go put in all kinds of cool new restaurants and bars.)

Anyway, today, the idea of heading to the West Side Highway or Central Park to run sounded on par with running on the dreadmill: something I just did not want to do.

So I ran east to the East River path.

photo 1.JPG

Williamsburg Bridge

photo 2.JPG

Brooklyn Bridge!

I did about a 2-mile warmup and then did 7 x 800s with 50-second rest intervals. I ended the intervals down by South Street Seaport and saw two options: go to the gym, cool-down on the treadmill and hop on the subway or run two more miles and then hop on the subway. I decided to go for the latter since it’d mean more outside time.

photo 3.JPG

I ended right around NYU and started walking west–hello Washington Square Arch.

photo 4.JPG

Once I got to 14th Street, I started seeing lots of interesting stuff. 1,580 faces by artist Felix Morelo.

The Cocoon Sojourn, which is supposedly a ritual honoring the sunset. Whatever it is, it moves west on 14th Street, and was really interesting to watch.


I <3 NY.

How do you keep yourself from getting stuck in ruts–workout or otherwise? Or are you just a creature of habit?

12 comments on “Mixing It Up

  1. Laura

    I hate getting stuck in a rut… but I too am a victim of everyday routines that get really boring after a while. I must say though– reading your blog is always so exciting since I plan on moving to New York for the summer! so excited!!

      1. Laura

        @Theodora: I’m applying for a summer internship at Breakthrough– I did the program in high school & convinced my parents to let me try it in New York!

  2. Christina

    I love the east side path! I was actually thinking about running it tomorrow. I have 5 miles on the sched & it’s the longest I’ve ever ran so I’m not sure. I think I’m just a scardy cat though lol!

  3. lauren

    I thought I mixed things up a lot, then I started a blog and realized I keep having the same 2 or 3 days over and over! Ohh well, I’m having a good time and at least I know the truth now 🙂 I did find a new running route recently, but now that I’ve done it 6x in a row and it isn’t new anymore.

  4. Dorry

    I’ve been having the same issues with my running routes! Of course Dallas is so very different from NYC, but I still get stuck in route ruts. Sometimes it’s as easy as turning 1 street earlier than normal for me…but I know up there you have to be more careful. 🙂

  5. Ericka Andersen

    Hating on DC? Just kidding. YOu are right, I’m slightly sick of the Mt. Vernon trail even though it’s gorgeous! Need to mix it up a bit! I would love to run in NYC someday. One of these days…


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