Expo Excitement and My Marathon Goals!

You know how they say you’re supposed to take it easy the week of your marathon? I’ve been busier this week than I’ve been in a while–freelance work, meetings and conference calls, marathon-related events, physical therapy, Junior League meetings–and so has everyone else I know that’s running the marathon. While I’d sort of prefer to be busier, oh, any other week, it is good to keep me as distracted as possible.

I had my last physical therapy appointment before the marathon this morning, and I told my physical therapist that my knees are still crunchy when I walk up stairs. It turns out that I’m walking too upright, and I need to stick my butt out more when I walk up stairs. We did these really awkward drills where I walked up the stairs and stuck out my butt for her, and I felt really embarrassed when a cute guy walked past us as I was practicing sticking my butt out in my mismatched socks. I’m pretty sure every time I walk up the stairs now, I’ll think “you can do it, put your back into it.”


I walked back home and saw a few people with their expo bags. I’m not going until tomorrow, so I wanted to run over and say, “HI! HOW WAS IT? WAS THERE LOTS OF GOOD STUFF? DID YOU SEE KARA GOUCHER? ARE YOU EXCITED? WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?” but instead, I just squee-d inside.

Do you see that shorter building between the tall buildings? That’s the Javits Center, where the expo is. For 362 days of the year, it’s just this big annoying building that I have to run or bike around to get to the West Side Highway and which can send hordes of people walking east looking for restaurants on 9th Ave. For three days of the year, it is RUNNER HEAVEN, or officially, the ING New York City Marathon Health and Fitness Expo, and I can’t wait to go tomorrow. [Fellow runners: when are you going??]

I remember when I moved into this apartment last year being very excited for how close it was to the expo, and then immediately realizing what a dork I was for being really excited to be close to something I’d be going to for a few hours on one day of the year.


I’ve been going back and forth with whether I was going to post my goals for this marathon, but I’ve decided to just put it out there. I like how Samantha did this, so I’m going to steal that format. Tomorrow, I’ll put up how you can track me!

D goal: PR from last year’s 4:59. I’m a lot faster than I was last year, and it’s not going to be really hot like it was in Chicago, so I’m pretty sure this one is a given.

C goal: 4:30. This is a 10:18 pace, and most of my long runs have been around 9:5x pace. At the beginning of the training season, this was my A goal, but I’m pretty sure I got this one.

B goal: anywhere between 4:15-4:30. A 4:15 marathon is a 9:43 pace which is slightly faster than I’ve been training at, but with the huge pushes of adrenaline I’ll get with millions of spectators, I think this could be possible.

A+ goal: anything under 4:15. McMillan says I can do 4:04 based on my Grete’s PR and 4:09 based on my Freeport PR. My crazy running coach thinks I can do 3:56; I think he’s smoking crack.

Also, check out this story on DNA Info that quotes me and Shannon talking about marathons and social media.

If you are running NYC, what’s your goal? If you’re training for another race, what’s your goal?

18 comments on “Expo Excitement and My Marathon Goals!

  1. Elizabeth

    All of those look like solid A+ goals to me! πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to crushing my first marathon time, and plain ol’ having a ball. We don’t get down until mid-day Saturday, so I will be hitting up the Expo exactly when all the “how to” guides tell you not to. Whatever. I do what I want.

  2. Liz

    So my only goal is to finish as this is my first marathon, but my *real* goal is 4:30.

    I’m not going to the expo until Sat, hopefully there is still stuff there πŸ™‚

  3. Caitlin

    GOOD LUCK! I like how you set diff levels of goals, great idea! That way you aren’t going for only one that could disappoint you, like crazy running coach’s, or one that is too easy, like beating your Chicago time. Whatever the turnout you’ll be a champ anyway – it’s a freakin’ MARATHON! πŸ™‚

  4. Megan

    Good luck!! I totally think you can get you A+ goal. I am not running until the Philly Marathon on Nov 20th, but I can’t wait to cheer everyone on this weekend!!!

  5. Meredith

    I recently started running and am really inspired by all the marathon blogging going on this week! Can’t wait to see how everyone does.

    I am running my first 5K on Thanksgiving day and my goal is to do it in under 30 min.

    I’m looking forward to training for a marathon someday!

  6. Dori

    The expo was fun! I liked it, got some good stuff. Amazing goals, it is so impressive how much you’ve improved over the last year. My original B goal was to finish under 5 hours, but I recently moved that to my A goal…

  7. Kimra

    You are going to eat this marathon for breakfast. (Um, or given the start time, brunch?)

    2011 Miami Beach RnR half in December. B goal PR, A goal sub-2:00, life goal not to die if it’s humid in Florida. I’ve been leaving that comment on lots of blogs recently, so if I keep doing that, it’ll come true, right?

  8. Mari

    I will be at the Expo tomorrow, not quite sure when but probably early as I am still on European time.

    As for goals, well this is my first marathon and I might never get a chance to run NY again. So I want to enjoy every minute and soak up the atmosphere. Any time under 5 hours will be amazing, but time is not the most important thing to me this time… Next time however, because there will be a next one…

  9. Beth

    Hey Theodora, long time reader, first time commenter! Hope you kick ass at the marathon this Saturday and show your goals whose boss.

    I’m wondering if you’ve ever done a post about getting faster (or if you haven’t, would you?) – I ran my most recent half in 2:17, which I seem to recall is around where you started at. I would absolutely LOVE to run a sub-2:00 at some point. Any tips would be much appreciated!!

    And again, GOOD LUCK!

  10. Michelle

    Yea! I’ll be at the expo Friday and I can’t wait!!

    My goals are to finish within the cutoff and to high five some people and have the most fun I possibly can during my first marathon. I have a super secret time goal that McMillen says I should be able to meet but I’m trying not to think about it too much. I honestly just want to savor every moment I’m out there and have fun!

  11. Sugarpopnyc

    Thanks for the shout out πŸ˜‰ Our goals are similar–let me know if you want to meet up before the race (Orange Wave 3, Corral 52) mIght try to sneak into wave 2 if that’s even possible! I’d love to have some company for the beginning miles!

  12. Liz

    I’m reading this in the car on the way to the city! Great motivational reading πŸ™‚

    Good luck tomorrow Theodora! You will do great! I have a 9:40 start but I’ll leave you good luck as I run πŸ™‚


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