Scenes from the Taper

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One of my last pre-marathon runs: a three-miler home from physical therapy on a gorgeous, sunny fall day. I’ve been really busy this week, but the little bit of time I’ve gotten in the sun has been enough to maintain some level of sanity.

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The subway card machines are apparently booted off of floppy disks, which, apparently still exist?

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And carbs. Lots of carbs. This: Orecchiette with broccoli and chicken sausage. Maybe after the marathon, I’ll start cooking things without pasta again.

Maybe not.

7 comments on “Scenes from the Taper

  1. Kris

    Hi! I just recently discovered your website and love it! I am running New York on Sunday, too! I am so nervous but excited too!! How much carbs do you eat over the next few days and how much water should I drink? The biggest dilemna—what time will you eat your breakfast(s) and what will you eat the morning of the race? I am in the 10:40 wave. Any words of advice for a 1st timer? Thank you soooo much!! Good luck!!

  2. SlimKatie @ Runs for Cookies

    I thought of you a lot the past couple of days! Hopefully that’s not creepy 😉 I went to NYC Tuesday and was a guest on The Dr. Oz Show yesterday. I went by myself, and I kept wishing I had a friend in the city to hang out with on Tuesday night! I was terrified to venture out of my hotel alone 😉

    Good luck this weekend!!


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