2011: What a Year!

One of the best things about having a blog is that it’s really easy to look back on the past year.

2010 was pretty awesome, and I wondered how 2011 could top it. (Last year’s look back.)

There were some really low lows this year, but there were plenty of high points, too.


I found out in January that my company was being sold, and this started the constant fear of losing my job that I felt until June…so that was fun.

Screen shot 2011-12-31 at 2.12.40 PM.png

Dori, Jess  and I were quoted in the New York Times, which was incredibly exciting.

I resolved to eat in more and did fairly well.


I went to Boston to visit my best friend and her sweet babies. Can you tell me again when I got old enough to have friends that have kids?


While there, I had lunch with some of my Boston blogger buddies, and met the lovely Sarah for the first time.


Emily came to NYC and we ran in Central Park. (I think she was also technically pregnant then but not telling anyone yet!)



My blog got a makeover. More exciting for me than for you.


I rang in my 28th birthday skiing in Vermont with a bunch of blogger buddies.

I then celebrated my birthday again the next week when I was back in NYC.


Tamsin came to visit, and we ran 10 miles.


March is the month I ran three half-marathons. (Well, technically the last one was in April…)


The first one was the NYC Half. I missed my sub-2:00 goal by 1:42, but still PR-ed by 8 minutes. I was disappointed in not getting sub-2:00, but happy to PR.


Next up was the National Half, which I’ll also be running in 2012. I hated the hills last year, but I’ve learned to embrace hills a bit more since then.


I also went to a ball.


And had a full film crew in my apartment.

And tried Candle 79.



I ran my third half marathon in as many weekends and Tina and I made starting races off together a tradition. And yes, I am obsessed with that shirt. I’m wearing it right now, actually.



Ashley and I went to Vegas.


I ran a really rainy four-mile race.



I spoke on my first panel, at the Columbia Journalism School.

My cousin adopted a baby! I went up to Rhode Island with my mom to stay with her before she could bring the baby back to NJ. (Crazy adoption laws.)


I went up to Boston for Tina’s book signing. (That week I went from: NYC to Rhode Island, back to NYC for an hour, flew up to Boston and then flew down to Baltimore. Exhaustion.)


And then down to Baltimore for Fitbloggin’.


And then down to the Outer Banks for Memorial Day, where I did a 50-mile bike ride with friends!


Oh June…you were interesting.

I got laid off on the first day of June. I’d known it was coming, but it still sucked.


Luckily, that next weekend, I had friends in town and a race to run to distract me.


At the end of the month, I went to Boulder for the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference.


Still unemployed but at least I had lots of fun stuff to keep me distracted.


I went to Margate with friends for the Fourth of July and picked up some pretty sweet tan lines.


I completed my first sprint triathlon and all I got was this stinking banana.

Oh, I guess I also did the Queens Half in July. It was really hot.


I also went on a hot air balloon ride!




Lindsay was home from Hawaii and visiting her family in Maine, so Lizzy and I went up and ran the Freeport Half, where I FINALLY beat my sub-2:00 goal, running it in 1:58:27.


I went to the Healthy Living Summit and spoke on a panel with Ashley and Cynthia. (I also ran 14 miles before I spoke!)


Lots of long runs while marathon training.


Tina came back again, and we ran the Fitness Games 4-miler, and I ran a total of 20 miles that day.



I ran the Grete’s Gallop Half-Marathon. I’d only planned on using as a training run, but I ran into Gia, ran with her, and ended up getting a serious accidental PR–1:55!


Oh look. Tina again! She came back down to run the last 20 miles of the marathon course with me.


And the day before that long run, I went on a wine tour on Long Island with my friends. I did not die on the long run after this wine tour. Surprisingly.



I met THE Bart Yasso.


And ran with Ryan Hall!


I ran the NYC Marathon. I absolutely crushed my time goal of 4:30, finishing in 4:19!!!

It. Was. Amazing.

I also got a job in November! Thank the lord. I love it so far, too! November was, hands-down, the best month of the year.



I ran the Jingle Bell Jog and finished my 9+1, so I’m in for NYCM 2012 if I want.


I had a cookie swap, and everyone left enough cookies to last me for a year.

Wow. I guess I did a lot this year.

Tell me! What are the highlights of your year?

AND HAPPY 2012! What are your New Year’s Eve plans?

11 comments on “2011: What a Year!

  1. michelle

    Wow you had such a great year! I just started following your blog recently and loved seeing this post.

    My highlights of 2011 were…. welcoming my husband home from Iraq, running 2 marathons, and moving from the USA to Germany 🙂

  2. Allison

    Although it may have had some ups and downs, it sounds like 2011 was packed with surprises, excitement, and support! Congrats on all of your accomplishments and wishing you the best in 2012 😀

  3. Tracy Schwartz

    Sounds like overall with all the ups and downs you had a very successful year! I absolutely love your blog and wish you all the best in 2012! Can’t wait for more great tips, and encouragement posts!

  4. Emily Malone

    I was totally pregnant in NYC, but I actually didn’t even KNOW it yet! I think I found out the following Monday. Crazy! Looks like you had an awesome year. Glad to have been a small part of it! 🙂


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