Happy New Year!


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Last night I rang in the new year with the lovely Gia. She and her husband rented out B Bar, and it was so much fun!


They had a Lady Gaga-themed photo booth!


At midnight, we ate 12 grapes before we could touch our champagne. It’s apparently a Spanish tradition that is supposed to bring luck in the new year. As Gia and I got to our 11th grape, we both said that grape was for the NYC Marathon.



Sparkly shoes rock. (Mine are the ones all the way to the right.)

It was so nice to wake up not hungover this morning. I was really conscious of not drinking too much last night because I’ve spent too many New Year’s days unable to move from the couch, and I want to take advantage of every minute of this four-day weekend. I actually had a few glasses of water while out last night and took a B vitamin before I went out.

I also tried a Bytox patch that the company sent me, because why the hell not? It has a bunch of B-vitamins to help replace nutrients you lose while drinking. To be honest, with all the water I had before I went to sleep (coughandthelatenightpizzacough), and the coconut water I had when I woke up, I probably wouldn’t have been hungover anyway, but maybe I just need to give the patch a better trial another time 🙂

What’d you do for New Year’s? Are you hungover? What’s your favorite hangover remedy?

13 comments on “Happy New Year!

  1. Rebecca

    I am ridiculously hung over right now. I have yet to leave my apartment (or my bed, for that matter). I want to go to yoga to sweat a few of those shots out but that would require walking from the East Village to Union Square and right now that seems impossible. What a way to kick off the new year!

  2. Kristine @ Running on Hungry

    In love with your shoes! Where did you get them? I went out for a few drinks last night but stuck to vodka/sodas (no sugar) so thankfully I’m not hungover this morning! (The quesadillas, advils and water before bed probably contributed to that too!) Happy New Year! Can’t wait to read more of your blog in 2012!

  3. Sarah (I Dream of Beets)

    I spent the holiday eating gluten-free pizza, playing bananagrams, and drinking champagne. It was so simple and lovely. I DID wake up with a little headache, but it was nothing that a 6 miler couldn’t cure. Cheers to a New Year!

  4. Allison

    LOVE your shoes! I’ve been looking for that perfect pair of sparkly shoes but all of the ones I’ve tried on are skyrocket high [hard to walk in and I’m already 5’10” so they’re just wayyy too tall] or the color isn’t what I’m looking for… Great find!

    My NYE was filled with family, friends, and food- out to dinner, relaxing at home, and no morning hangover… Winner!

  5. Kristina

    I wasn’t hungover yesterday, but definitely felt slow and had cobwebs in the brain. I usually try to eat a breakfast with protein (eggs, if bacon is on hand, then that’s even better!). And YES to coconut water!


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