A Nice Little Saturday

Good morning!

Since I last blogged, I had a nice little Saturday. (No trips to Home Depot, though.)(If you don’t catch that reference, you should maybe go leave the computer and catch up with all the fine films in Will Ferrell’s ouevre.)

I ran with the new Junior League running group in Central Park for a nice, easy four miles. I felt like my running world and my Junior League worlds were colliding, and it was awesome. The woman who started the group said she’d run four marathons, so clearly I immediately Athlinks-ed her the second I got home. She ran NYC last year in 3:50. Damn fast people.

Screen shot 2011-12-04 at 11.29.14 AM.png

I put the ads back up on my blog. (I had to take them down after being laid off.) When I was on Tumblr, it was super-easy to swap the ads in and out, but I had to dig a little deeper yesterday in the sidebar file to find where to stick the code. Yeah, HTML, I just pwned you. I ended my relationship with Foodbuzz for most of the same reasons as Katy, and I’m excited to be working with Glam. Since I write a lot less about food these days, I also felt like Foodbuzz just wasn’t right for me any more.

And then I began a mini TOUR DE CHRISTMAS IN NYC.


I started at Junior League with a little shopping at our Golden Tree event and then started meandering back downtown on Madison Ave. After walking about 15 blocks (after running 4 miles in the morning and walking at least another 2 home from where we stopped in the park), I got tired and bored and hopped on a downtown bus going down Fifth Ave.

Before I lived here, I thought Fifth Ave around Christmas was magical. I didn’t mind the crowds because it was part of the experience. But when you’re just trying to get home? It’s frustrating.



I started outside of The Plaza and pretended I was Kevin McAllister.


I forgot my Talkboy, though, so I decided to just go home. (Did anyone else ask for this after seeing this movie? No, me neither.)


The giant star that hangs over Fifth Ave.




Looking back at these pretty pictures sort of makes me forget I nearly got trampled taking them. The things I do for you guys.

Once I finally made it home, I turned around and headed out for Ashley’s birthday at the Hurricane Club.



We started off with pupu platter. My favorites were the tuna tartare cones and the croque monsieur spring rolls.


We split flaming drinks for the table, and I remembered why I usually put my hair behind my ear. Hair that covers half your face isn’t really sexy.


We also split a bunch of mains for the table, but I sort of wanted this lobster pasta all to myself.


Same with the scallops.


After learning that the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Hotel was reservation-only after 10pm, we ended up at Cibar drinking champagne.

And I got home at 3 and most certainly did not make it to the five-mile race I was supposed to run this morning. Which means I’m in for the Jingle Bell Jog next weekend. With bells on. And maybe antlers.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE RACING VEGAS TODAY! Especially Devon on her first marathon!

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