Getting Adjusted

I just finished my first week back at work!

And I am exhausted.

Like I said the other day, I’m trying to find a routine. At my last job, I typically worked 9:30-6:15ish and was able to walk home at lunch a few days a week to walk Bailey. There were certainly times when I was busy, but the job itself wasn’t terribly stressful. The most stressful part of my last job was that for at least half of the time I was employed there, I knew there was a decent chance I might get laid off, which did end up happening. The stress of that far eclipsed any actual job stress.

But this new job? It seems like it’s going to be more intense than my past jobs in publishing were. I have to be there at 9, and I’m pretty sure leaving at 6:30 will be a good day. There’s lots of meetings, both client and internal, and I have to be at work by 8 next Monday for a presentation. It’s going to be really challenging, but I’m really excited. I’m going to get to work on some clients whom I’d be interested in working with even if I weren’t employed there, so it will be really interesting.


I’m still trying to figure out what balance looks like for me with this new job. I worked in workouts Monday – Wednesday of this week, but yesterday I snoozed in the morning and missed my chance to work out, since I was attending a Christmas party at my physical therapist’s office.


Oh yeah, that’s the Alter-G, just chillin’ in between all the party-goers.


One of the favors was a pint glass with their logo on it that says “Recovery Starts Here” on the back.

I wholeheartedly agree.

I was home by 9 last night and in bed by 10, but I still couldn’t get out of bed this morning. Starting a new job, staying busy after work, working out 3 out of 4 days of my first week, blogging at night? Exhausted.

Before I started this job, I thought I’d plan out my workouts every week to stay on track and get them in, but, starting a new job around the holidays?

My only goals this month are as follows: don’t gain weight, work out more days than you don’t, enjoy yourself but not too much and get lots of sleep. That’s it. I want to enjoy the holidays and not stress out about anything other than getting acclimated to el New Job.

How are you going to stay sane this month?

5 comments on “Getting Adjusted

  1. Jessica @ Running To Be Skinny

    Between running my kids around, cooking, cleaning etc. training for my half, church responsabilities, spending quality time (giving time doing fun things) to all three kids and getting plenty of sleep is proving to be difficult during the holidays. My goal is to do all of the above but most definitely, love my kids, train for the half and don’t gain weight from all my Christmas baking.

    So glad you started that job, good luck!! Jessica

  2. Clare @ Fitting It All In

    I just found out I’m going to be working 6-7 days a week throughout the rest of the month, and I’m totally stressing about how I’m going to find balance! I still want to eat well and exercise but it’s gonna be tough – you’ll figure it out!

  3. Allison

    Sounds like you’ve got good goals! I went to the gym before work [@ 5:30AM] 4 days this week cause I wanted to get home right after to take care of my Dear… 9PM bedtime never felt so good- I’ve been exhausted! Wonder if I’ll be able to keep it up…

  4. Sasha @ Running From The Law

    I do better with scheduling when I have everything written down. I hate not being able to cross something off at the end of the day. That being said – December is a crazy month and I think you have the right (realistic) idea: no weight gain and enjoying yourself while still feeling good!

  5. Christy

    It’s true. Writing down your goals and attaching purpose to them helps and this will be your driving force. It’s really not easy trying to stay fit with a busy schedule everyday but you just have to spare time for it anyway and making sure you have fun along it makes things easier. Goodluck with your new job, Jessica.


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