Christmas Eve 2011


Merry Christmas from me, my family and a giant Christmas tree made out of bell peppers.


It’s this little one’s first Christmas. It’s so cute watching Christmas through her little eyes. She likes playing with the wrapping paper more than the actual toys.


We started the night off with a champagne cocktail to toast Lexi’s first Christmas, while listening to Baby’s First Christmas. No, my mom, aunt, cousin and I weren’t crying. We must have all had something in our eyes at the same time.


Sort of blurry, but these stuffed mushrooms were sort of awesome.


There were frog legs on the menu for one.


Chicken for everyone.


Please behold the massive portion of spaghetti my mom put on my plate. Exhibit A in any issues I’ve ever had with portion control.


I got some awesome presents (including some sweet Lululemon stuff and my first pair of yoga booty shorts, which is both awesome and terrifying), but the best part of the night was truly this little one.

I mean, look at her. I am sort of in love with this hat I bought her.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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