Happy Birthday…

…to the woman who was there when I took my first step…

Screen shot 2011-12-28 at 8.47.13 PM.png

…the woman who was there after I ran my first 26.2 (and then my second)

…the woman who was there when I said my first word–sale. (Signs of things to come.)

…the woman who is the most selfless person I know

…the woman who taught me to fight hard for what I believe in (I taught her how to pick her battles.)

…the woman who makes the best spaghetti sauce in the world.

…the woman who loves Elf every bit as much as I do.

…the woman who taught me to give back by leading by example

…the woman who taught me “everything in moderation” (Also, the same woman who confuses that by serving me heaping portions of pasta.)


…the woman who will make a damn good grandma one day (no time soon, sorry)

…the woman who already considers my dog her grandpuppy and treats him like part of the family (yeah, we’re those people.)

…the woman who would drop anything to help me out

Happy 29th birthday to my best friend, my mom! I love you, and I’m glad we’ll be the same age in a month!

13 comments on “Happy Birthday…

  1. Beverly Cannata

    What a lovely tribute to a wonderful woman. After meeting your Mom 3 years ago, I could tell that she was a very special person who gives of herself. I’m grateful that I have her as a friend.

  2. Allison

    Aw, happy birthday to your momma! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really developed a bigger appreciation for everything that my momma has done and does for me- momma’s are the best 😀


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