December Challenge Update

You might remember a few weeks ago I proposed that I was doing my own take on the Well + Good/Fitist Challenge.

So where I am with it? My updates below in bold. Where possible, I’ve added in free or inexpensive ways you can get similar workouts, something I should have done the first time around.

  • 6 30/60/90 or Pace4Success: The original plan said “performance classes.” I’ve included a DailyBurn workout I tried in this, but other than that, this one has been a serious fail. This bootcamp is a good one you can do at home.
  • 4 running (at least!!): Done. I’ve run at least 5 times.




  • 4 Core: I’ll do either Barre Burn or CoreFusion (I have a GiltCity voucher and my new office is near one of the locations!): I did SurfSet and CoreFusion; need to do two more core classes. If you’re not in an area (or budget) where you can do a barre class, here’s a free video you can do. 

In short: I didn’t prioritize this, and it didn’t happen in the month of December. I’m not going to abandon it, though. My new goal is to finish this challenge by January 15. I’ve put the workouts into a Google Doc so you can check out my progress here.

How’d you do with working out in December?

12 comments on “December Challenge Update

  1. Dori

    I can send you free YogaVibes if you’re interested — they have lots of yoga and a variety of Core Fusion classes streaming. Let me know!

    My December workouts went well until I got a bad cold and was out for a week. Now I’m back and it’s going pretty well again!

  2. Toni

    Thank you so much for the info about Rachel’s spin podcasts! It’s just what I needed at the perfect time. I’m not into the Wednesday morning spin instructor at my gym so this will be perfect – and I can sleep in a little. Thanks Theodora!

  3. Jen @ Such a Funny Fat

    I set a goal to do 60 miles in a month and am on target to hit it so fingers crossed that I stay healthy (I’m looking at you stomach) so I can finish. It’d be awesome because I thought this was a pretty lofty goal until one of my friends told me there is a program to do 100 miles between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Woah. Maybe next year?!

  4. Allison

    I’ve incorporated more running into my routine [it helps when my fiance skateboards next to me :P] and have tried out a few new-to-me fitness classes, but need to make an effort to do more…


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