Home for the Holidays


I highly recommend starting a new job a month before Christmas.

Sure, it gets a little stressful getting adjusted to a new routine and sleep schedule while trying to fit in lots of Christmas parties and going out Christmas online shopping, but the prize of two four-day weekends in a row at the end of it is well worth it.

As is having coworkers in the holiday spirit.

I worked all day today and then came home and leisurely packed–for probably the first and last time in my life—and then headed out to NJ.




We went to Delpino, a neighborhood Italian restaurant. I know I’ll be having tons of amazing, heavy food the next few days, so I went with some baked chicken with a side of pasta, instead of the other way around, along with some Montgras sauvignon blanc.

By the way—I don’t usually specify that I had wine with dinner, but if I am going out to dinner, you can pretty much assume I’m having a glass or two of wine with dinner. I loved this wine—it had some great citrusy flavors.

I have lots of pre-Christmas errands to run tomorrow, but not until after I’ve slept as late as I possibly can. I’ve been exhausted for the past few weeks, and I can’t wait to put lots and lots and lots of sleep into my sleep bank tonight.

Which “home” do you spend the holidays at? Your own? Your family’s? Your significant other’s?

5 comments on “Home for the Holidays

  1. Ash

    We stay 3/4 time at mine and 1/4 at Bo’s because I’m selfish and his parents don’t have a bed bigger than a twin in their guest room!!


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