Another 2012 Goal: More Protein

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It’s still New Year’s Resolution Goal week, right? Good.

This week’s Soy Simple post is about resolving getting enough protein, which is actually a really timely topic, given my new strength training challenge.


I don’t usually track any nutrition stats–I try to fill myself with healthy, nutrient-dense foods and go by how I feel, but I do make mental notes as I pick what I’m going to eat (well, most of the time.)


While losing weight, I usually had eggs or my beloved spinach feta wrap, but after a while I got incredibly sick of eggs from eating them so much. These days, I definitely prefer slightly carb-ier breakfasts–oatmeal or a whole wheat English muffin with sunflower butter and a banana–but protein is still important to me. Whole wheat English muffins or oatmeal + sunflower butter is actually a decent source of protein. (Sadly, there’s no protein in bananas.) While these breakfasts aren’t as protein-rich as eggs, I’m still getting enough protein (and fat!) in to keep me satiated.


I almost always have a Luna bar for a snack–either before or after lunch, depending on how my day is going.The soy protein keeps me full and from getting hangry.


Lunch is a huge wild-card in my life, but the one consistency is that it’s always planned around the protein. While I love carbs as much as I love my mom (sigh), I’m actually usually craving a particular protein/sauce combination more than any carb. My lunch usually needs to keep me full for quite some time–it’s rare that I go home immediately after work and have dinner.


Dinner is always planned around the protein–whether it’s fish, meat or tofu. (Here’s one of my fave tofu recipes.) I usually next plan the carb–either a starchy vegetable (usually sweet potato) or brown rice or whole wheat pasta. I’d like to say I choose the vegetable first, but that’d be a lie.

So while I’m really mindful of getting in protein by choosing my protein first, there’s always room for improvement. For example, I choose the protein first, but my meals are still pretty carb-heavy. My goal–especially since I’m also looking to lean out, build muscle and burn fat right now–is to up my protein levels. This will help with muscle growth and recovery–and keep me from becoming nasty and hangry, too, so it’s a win-win for everyone. I’m going to try to eat less carbs and more protein and remember to have protein within 30 minutes of difficult workouts.

What’s your favorite way to get protein in your diet?


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17 comments on “Another 2012 Goal: More Protein

  1. Katie

    I tweeted! This is also a goal that I have for the new year. Do you ever use protein powder? Someone at my gym suggested it, and I was looking for some opinions.

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Katie: I do! Mostly just after workouts or in smoothies–occasionally in cold oatmeal. I usually use whatever’s soy and cheapest at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, since the whey irritates my jerk of a stomach.

  2. Tracey

    I do many things you do, like eggs and focusing on the protein first on my plate. I also am a big fan of an after noon skinny latte to get some protein from the milk. Waste of money, I know, but I consider it my “treat” since I have given up all the cookies, cakes, donuts, etc that float around my office on a daily basis.

  3. Christina

    Eggs are so filling I love them! I’m going to try to go vegan for a little bit (did it last year and I felt great) but protein for breakfast is a must for me. Otherwise I’m hungry by like 11am. Today I had tofu scramble and it was delicious, I worry about being heavy on the cal’s so that’s always a concern but otherwise I feel good. Time for a run! It’s beautiful in BK today!

    I tweeted also!/ForkyouNoForkU/status/155669421686394882

  4. Heather

    I try to grill up a bunch of chicken on the weekend so I have it ready anytime during the week. And if I make rice, I’ll scramble up an egg to add to it – instant “fried rice”!
    Great giveaway – I tweeted! (@heatha262)

  5. ali@ali weight loss

    I too, like eggs but got sick of eggs eating them so much. Chicken breast is now my favourite for a protein hit but I’m still yet to find a good breakfast recipe with it in.

    Fish can be good actually, try a smoked salmon omelette! I know it’s still eggs but the smoked fish taste rules the dish. If it’s a bit rich add some feta cheese!

  6. Alicia from Poise in Parma

    I LOVE eggs. Would seriously eat them for every meal. I’ve noticed getting a higher level of protein in my diet is really important for me. I tend to stick with chicken, turkey and pork at home and splurge on fish when dining out.


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