Strong Sexy Spring Runners Challenge: Week of 1/16 Check-In

I haven’t forgotten about my Strong Sexy Spring Runners Challenge, I promise.

I’m working with Jaz to come with some content for y’all, and we’ll have another post later this week.

I think, though, going forward, I’m going to start sharing my workout plan every week and how I did to keep myself accountable. Last week, I was a fail and did not prioritize my workouts and so not many of them happened. I’ll never meet my goal if I don’t get my ass in gear, so I’m going to do just that.

For those of you who don’t care to read the whole thing and just want to check in, I’m going to do the check-ins every Monday like this and give you a chance to check in until midnight EST on Tuesdays, k?


Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 9.09.00 PM.png


Sunday: 3-mile recovery run (check)

Monday: Xtreme Abs

Tuesday: rest. As planned. I have no problems with taking rest days.

Wednesday: more rest. Not planned. I don’t even like calling unplanned rest days as such, because it makes it sound more dignified than it is and that I’m listening to my body or something. The only “listening to my body” I did last week was “happy hour is awesome.” Fail.

Thursday: same thing. More unplanned rest.

Friday: 3-mile run. It wasn’t the tempo run I was supposed to do earlier in the week…but it was a run.

Saturday: 6-mile run with Leticia + Jess’ core workout (which I LOVE)

This week:

Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 9.26.21 PM.png

In case you can’t see that…

Sunday: 3-4 mile recovery run (err, fail again. This is getting embarrassing…)

Monday: Strength train. CHECK! I went to Jaz’s sports conditioning class tonight and was handed my ass. We started the class off with a little obstacle course which included BEAR CRAWLS. If you’re unfamiliar with them (like I was before tonight), you crawl on your elbows with your ass as low to the ground as possible. It works most muscles in your body, but primarily your core. It also left me with some nice, sexy mat burns on my elbows. We did a few different circuits tonight, and my other favorite exercise was the plank-to-push-up move.

I also did about 5 miles walking over the course of the day looking at apartments (I’m moving at the end of March and looking early to get an idea what’s out there) and walking back and forth from boot camp. I went to the gym to “make up” my recovery run, and 2 miles in, my phone went flying off the treadmill and I hit stop instead of pause and decided to just screw it, knowing that I had a lot more walking and boot camp ahead of me.

Tuesday: rest or 3 mile tempo run

Wednesday: 6x400m repeats with 90 seconds recovery

Thursday: strength

Friday: rest. I’m probably not going to take tomorrow as a rest day, but given that Saturday and Sunday are run days, I’ll probably take Friday as my scheduled rest day still.


And just some not-that-pretty-but-very-tasty food: maple roasted Brussels sprouts with broiled soy maple salmon. I got really burnt out on salmon while losing weight because it was one of my restaurant go-tos, but I still make myself eat it every once in a while since it’s so good for you. And I know this isn’t much food, but I ate this at like 9pm when I wasn’t really hungry any more. (I also had a nasty coconut milk + protein powder shake/drink when I got home because protein within 30 minutes of working out is good for your muscles, or something.)

How’d your strength training go last week? And what foods do you get burnt out on?

9 comments on “Strong Sexy Spring Runners Challenge: Week of 1/16 Check-In

  1. Jenny

    Strength training was non existent last week. I am off to a good start this week and will stick with it! I get tired of proteins. I am always drawn to veggies and grains but I knowi need to eat more protein!

  2. Maureen

    I made it to my one planned strength workout last week – makes that two weeks in a row! I’ve been sticking to the Express Workout circuit at my gym, but I think that is going to get old pretty quickly. I tend to burn out on foods like salad and bananas if I have them for too many days in a row, especially at work. My goal for the next few weeks is to work in a more diverse rotation of lunch and snacks that I pack for work.

  3. Liz

    Good luck apartment hunting πŸ™‚ I’ve been pretty spot on the past 2 weeks with my workouts, but those unplanned rest days are so easy to take!

  4. Nicole

    I got in 2 days of strength training last week…I shoot for 2-3 so I was happy with that. I get burnt out on roasted veggies. You can only eat so many big bowls of straight-up veggies!

  5. Life's a Bowl

    I don’t have salmon all that often but the crust it gets when cooked in a sweeter sauce/ glaze is awesome! Swordfish or sea bass is my fave to order when we go out to eat… I’ve burnt out on broccoli and chicken before, but glad they’re back into my weekly diet!


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