29’s Not So Bad

My birthday was ridiculous in all the right ways.


Starting with trying Rent the Runway. I technically joined the site a few years ago, but I’d never tried it. The other day, I got an email with a $50 birthday credit and figured, why not? (You can get an invite here, by the way.) I have my Winter Ball coming up and am considering trying out a rental for it, rather than spending a lot of money on a dress I’ll likely only wear once. I wanted to give the whole process a test run before such a big event, and it worked out well.

The experience was awesome. I picked out a dress late Friday afternoon and it was delivered yesterday morning. I ended up going with this Robert Rodriguez dress, and the fit notes and reviews were right on target. I’m usually a 6 or an 8 in nicer dresses, depending on how tight the chest is, and all the reviews said that this dress was pretty snug, so I ordered both the 6 and 8. The 6 zipped but I sort of wanted to breathe on my birthday (weird, I know), so I wore the 8.



My mom came over in the late afternoon, and we popped this bottle of bubbly that my friend Lindsay sent me after the marathon. I’d been saving it for a special occasion and a birthday totally qualifies as that. Also, I got a new lens for my birthday, and I love it.


Continuing with the ridiculousness, we went for blowouts before dinner. I’d asked Shannon last week if she was good with a curling iron and could help me do those cute big curls at the bottom of my hair, and she suggested we get blowouts instead. Well, okay!

So, that’s what I asked for–straight but with loose curls at the very end, and the hair dude totally misinterpreted me and did these huge curls instead. When he was done, I thought I looked like a cross between a hot mess and Miss Piggy.


My friends tried to convince me otherwise, but I still see the resemblance.

The blowouts took far longer than we thought, and we ended up being 15 minutes late for dinner. Between the hair and being late, I was not too much fun to be around for about 20 minutes. Sorry.

We went to Stanton Social for dinner. I need to give them some props, too–I totally messed up and booked a table for Tuesday night instead of last night, and they squeezed us into the lounge area when we figured out what had happened.


I started off with the Brooklyn Lemonade (it had gin, ginger beer, cucumber…and other stuff)…


…but quickly got drink envy and switched to the basil gimlet. YUM! The drinks were so good.


We ordered a bunch of small plates for the table. Edamame.


Chicken and cashew spring rolls.


Crab cake corn dogs.


Salt and pepper shrimp.

red snapper tacos.jpg

Red snapper tacos.


Pierogies. (Pretty sure they were my mom’s idea.)




And mac and cheese.

All of the food was so amazing.


They even had a gluten-free menu for Shannon!


After dinner, we went to Jadis for drinks and to meet up with a bigger crowd. Dinner was just a ladies’ thing, because, really, 364 days of the year, I tag along as a single lady with other couples–and am fine with that…usually–but I didn’t want to feel like that for my own birthday.

I love Gia. I’ve mentioned that before, right? On New Year’s, I mentioned to her that my 29th was coming up and that I wanted to have a big party for 29 and then do something quieter when I turn 30 next year. She asked if I wanted her to help plan it, and I was clearly all about it. The girl knows how to throw a good party. I hope we are still friends when I get married one day, because I’m pretty sure she’d have some ideas for an epic wedding.

She talked with the people at Jadis, and they reserved the back part of the bar for us, and had a lovely spread of wine, champagne, cheese and some passed hors d’oeuvres.




She even had disposable cameras for everyone to take fun pictures with. I can’t wait to see those pictures…


This photo is cropped for decency. My dress was really short.

I have 364 days left in my twenties (omg), and I hope they’re all as awesome as last night was. Also, I still want to learn to curl my hair like Emily’s.

31 comments on “29’s Not So Bad

  1. Ericka @ The Sweet Life

    Didn’t say it yet but…Happy Birthday! Your birthday looks fun and I seriously understand the whole just wanting ladies at dinner thing. I may be a “couple” now but wasn’t for most of my life so yeah, totally your night! I was hoping you had a full length pic of the dress…that is a really cool service and I would definitely be utilizing if I could find one around here!

  2. Lesley

    Looks like a great birthday! Love the dress, it’s cool to know that rent a runaway actually works..

    And if you ever find out how to get big loose curls at the bottom of otherwise straight hair, please share! I youtube how-to videos all the time but I think I’m inept at using my curling iron…haha

  3. Jennifer Adams

    Next time I’ll do the curls – I’m a hairdresser!! But you looked great! That means I’ll have to come on out to visit… It’s funny – I follow all of your blogs so it’s cool seeing you all together.
    So, I turned 28 for the 13th time last December. One of my kids added and asked if that equals 41. NO…. It equals 28 for the 13th time!! Geez, no respect!! Time sure does fly. Enjoy it and embrace it!

  4. Ellen

    Happy Birthday! I’m about to be 29 in a few days… you’re making me get excited about it too. Here’s to another great trip around the sun!

  5. SkinnyRunner

    happy birthday!

    ive always wanted to go to a blowdry bar but never have. a birthday party with friends sounds like a dang good reason to.

    when we were in nyc, we went to beauty & essex which i think is the sister restaurant to stanton social. or maybe im talking out of my butt, who knows.

  6. Erin

    Haha, your hair wasn’t bad! Too bad you didn’t meet a Kermit that night though 🙂

    Gorgeous dress and it looks like you had a great time!

  7. emily

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I believe every birthday should be full of ample amounts of ridiculousness. And also ample amounts of mac and cheese. And ample amounts of champagne…with more mac and cheese…and more champagne. All in ample amounts. Here’s to another year of massive PRs and sweaty adventures!

  8. Life's a Bowl

    Happy [belated] birthday! You totes rocked that little black dress, bet it was hard to return ;P

    P.S. The curls may not have been exactly what you requested but they look great!!!


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