Just Slightly Off Balance

I like the beach.

I like running.

I like blogger friends.

(I also like Rainbow sandals and cannot wait until summer returns. But I digress.)

So when Tina asked if I wanted to participate in the Reach the Beach relay in Massachusetts, I was obviously in.


It’s a 24-hour, 200-mile relay race that starts in Wachusett, Mass. and ends in Westport, Mass. (Two town names that mean nothing to me, but I’m sure are lovely places where people use the word “wicked” a lot.)

You know you’ve become a runner when you read other bloggers’ posts about running in the middle of the night and sleeping in vans and you’re jealous. I am so freaking excited for this, and I’ve read every single one of these ladies’ recaps from nuun’s Hood to Coast team last year…

For work purposes! New Balance, one of my clients at work, is a sponsor of the race–and our team–which means that I am in the very interesting (and awesome) position of both working on this account and running on this team.

How many bananas can one girl eat in 24 hours?

I’ll be running with the lovely:

  1. Anne of Fannetastic Food
  2. Sarah of SarahFit
  3. Patricia of Run Foodie Run
  4. Elizabeth of On Tap for Today
  5. Ashley of A Healthy, Happier Bear
  6. Bridget of Yogurt and Berries
  7. Tina of Carrots ‘n’ Cake
  8. Gretchen of Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen!
  9. Monica of Run Eat Repeat
  10. Ali of Food Fitness Fashion
  11. Melissa of Fitness NYC

Together, the 12 of us will be Team Off Balance. Which I think suits us very well.


27 comments on “Just Slightly Off Balance

  1. Tisha

    Y’all should think about doing the Rouge-Orleans one year, 126.2 miles on the Mississippi River levee from Baton Rouge to New Orleans

  2. kate

    i am SO FREAKING JEALOUS! haha I have wanted to do a relay since I saw Meghann’s at mealsandmiles post about ragnar…I’ve been trying to get a team together for the NY or PA Ragnar, but I don’t have 12 friends that are crazy runners! haha

  3. Amanda

    Oh NBC used tobe my client too! What do you do for them?

    Seriously relays are so fun and I think more fun with nutty bloggers 🙂 doing my second blogger relay this summer

  4. Anne P

    I think we should try to break the world record for number of bananas used as phones in a 24-hour period. Because I’m sure that there’s a record for that.

  5. helen

    My running club is entering a similar event but it’s 10 x 10miles instead and not over 24 hours! Good luck ladies, can’t wait to read about it! 🙂

  6. Martin

    Great post and we’re so excited that you’re running RTB:MA and can;t wait to follow your training! Out of interest, we’re having a Valentine’s special for newly registering teams today in case any of your readers would like to take part too 🙂 Details here – http://goo.gl/sm2UF

  7. Melissa Burton

    Theodora, I just wanted to post that your blog (along with Ashley’s, Monica’s and FCITC) has gotten me to enjoy running again. You and some friends were stationed in front of me at the NY Mini in June and I actually felt a bit star struck (and amazed at how small NY felt at that moment).

    I’m currently injured and have to pull out of my 3rd Half Marathon in as many years but I will say that your relay posting has ignited a lust for run relay porn 😉

    Just a quick note to say thanks for continued posts – and good luck in the relay!

  8. Ynna

    Wow! this is really a very interesting relay. And you are having so much fun. I’m so excited to read more about this race. Thanks for the post and Good luck girls!

  9. Parker

    I agree with , people do the strangest things when they know that they are hooked and motived by running. . You my dear are definitely one of them. Enjoy the experience while it last.


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