I Guess I Understand This Morning Workout Thing Y’All Talk About

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I’m certainly working out less these days as I settle into a new routine, but I don’t want you to think I’m not working out–my workouts just aren’t very inspiring as I just fit in what I can, where I can.

My nights have been really busy with working late or other commitments (thank god Bailey is in NJ this week), so I’ve been having to squeeze workouts in in the morning.

I had a lovely run the other day just before it started to rain. At my old job in D.C., I remember one of our freelance reporters telling us that he was usually in a worse mood when he didn’t run. My boss, a runner herself, told me that she completely understood what he was talking about. I nodded along, pretending I understood, too, but I really just thought they were both a little crazy.

I get it now, too. The short runs before work are never the amazing ones, but I am in a much better mood when I get to work because of them. Especially on days where I’m at the office for 12 hours, it makes me feel like work’s not the only thing in my life.


Yesterday, I got in an awesome workout before work. New Balance is one of my clients, and we had a launch event for trainer Harley Pasternak’s new shoe, the New Balance 997.

It’s a lightweight training shoe meant for boot-camp type classes that involve agility drills and quick movements. Which is what we did yesterday morning.


The event was at Cedar Lake, home to the Cedar Lake Ballet, and a building previously owned by Annie Liebovitz.

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I dragged my houseguest with me, which ended up being a poor move on my part. Her Crossfitting, buff self put me to shame in the workout.

We did a few circuits of lower body, upper body and core exercises, all using body weight.

These are the first New Balance shoes I’ve tried out, and I really liked them. I remember hearing in the past that you’re supposed to have different shoes for lifting, etc., but thinking it was all clever marketing to get people to buy more shoes, but feeling closer to the ground for things like jumps and lunges made a huge difference with my balance. We also did these fancy grapevine exercises, where I could really feel how the lower-to-the-ground, flat shoe helped with balance.

We did sprints at the end, and while Tina’s trying to talk a big game up over on her blog…he just high-fived her as a consolation prize to me kicking her butt in the sprints.

I went to the gym to shower and went to work with maybe not the cleanest hair, but it was worth it.

Do you work out in the morning? Do you ever go to work a bit sweaty after doing so? Nope, me neither.

12 comments on “I Guess I Understand This Morning Workout Thing Y’All Talk About

  1. Sarah (I Dream of Beets)

    When I first started teaching, I would go running on the break in between my classes (15 hours), quickly grab lunch, and throw back on my clothes. To say that I was a “that teacher,” you know, the notorious gross one, would be correct.

  2. Ash Bear

    Great job squeezing runs in where you can. Also, I have to say that New Balance did a great job with this event because I just ordered my first pair of NB shoes since my old gray 991!

  3. Life's a Bowl

    Your recent morning workouts are making up for my recent late night workouts. Ugh, don’t like going late when the gym is super packed with meat-heads and their buff bodies… I’d much rather be sitting on the couch, cuddling with my pup, and stuffing my face with snacks ;P

  4. Meredith @ DareYouTo

    Agreed! I love working out in the morning best, and I do find myself “less-than” for the rest of the day if i don’t get my planned workout in. Morning exercise or running gives me energy for the day, gets my body and mind ready to be productive, and makes me feel like I already accomplished something!

  5. Talking Thirty

    I WISH I could get in my run in the mornings. I’d love to feel so accomplished so much earlier in the day, but I can’t do anything until I have my first cup of coffee. Once I’ve downed my coffee, I can pretty much tackle anything, but of course I can’t run after drinking all that. So, I’ll never be a morning workout person unless I can kick my coffee habit!

  6. Nicole

    I typically do NOT work out in the morning (my husband is very nice to snuggle with) but this morning I did and I feel wonderful because of it. I have been in a much better mood today and I know that when I get home today I don’t have to worry about my workout.

    That’s a win.

    Also, I’ve been mindful about my food all day today since I started the day off right with 30 minutes on the elliptical.

  7. Lanae

    I also have to work out in the a.m. sometimes I am out of time to wash my hair but it’s usually not too bad. Looks fine in a ponytail!

  8. Kristin Miller

    If I workout before work I’m always showered and smelling good. In the summer, however, I get lazy! I teach summer school and have been known to WREAK of chlorine from swimming that morning! But hey, chlorine means clean, right?!

  9. Jenny

    I feel like I need cross training shoes. My running shoes hurt my toes during squats etc. I checked out the 997 and was curious are they coming out with more color combos? Which ones did you try. For the women’s they had black with an aqua green and grey with blue. They look so masculine. Just curious. Have you used the again?


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