I’m Going to Disney World!!


Two years ago, I ran my first half-marathon in Disney World. It was so meaningful to me because I had formed so many happy memories in Disney as a child, so it was the perfect place to begin my obsession with long-distance running.

Next weekend, I’ll be heading back there to run my 10th half marathon–as a guest of Disney!

Well, okay!


Please Join us for The Princess Half Marathon Weekend

February 23-26, 2012

We want to offer you a unique opportunity to both run the race and get a peek into some of the fun that makes a runDisney race weekend one to remember for children of all ages!

As part of your runDisney weekend experience, hotel accommodations, meals and theme park tickets will be taken care of for you. And in addition to running like a Princess, you will take part in a variety of special events throughout the weekend, including the Pasta in the Park Party, our exclusive β€œMeet Up” event, and pre-race pampering at the runners Race Retreat.

Well, okay! If you insist. I have to thank Kelly Olexa and FitFluential–and Disney!–for hooking this all up. I only had to pay for my airfare–and I was able to cash in some miles–which was more than worth it!

Let’s say you had a fairy godmother who would grant your wish to run whatever race you wanted–what race would it be?

Or which princess would you dress up as?

20 comments on “I’m Going to Disney World!!

  1. Amy

    Oh, PLEASE, dress up as Cinderella. You would rock that look. I bet they make a running skirt the right color. Post plenty of pics. Can’t wait to see the outfits!

  2. Alicia from Poise in Parma

    I didn’t realize that Disney was your first half, as it was mine as well! No wonder I like you so much – great minds thinking alike! I’m excited you were able to take advantage of the opportunity to run the Disney Princess half – and hurrah for airline miles.

    I’d love to run something epic like Boston or NYC, but kind of dream of running that one on the Great Wall of China. How crazy would that be?!

  3. Haley

    So. jealous. AND, my girls adore Sleeping Beauty & Rapunzel (although Rap’s hair would be a bee-otch to pull off during a race of any kind!).

  4. Ashley

    so insanely jealous you get to go to the Princess Half. I just ran the Tinkerbell half and I was dying to get chosen for the FFA party. Have an amazing time!!! Are you going to dress up?

  5. Regan

    I will be there too! Running the Disney Princess Half is what got me started running. It will be my 3rd half, but the first time doing a Disney race. I am so excited that I doubt I will sleep well this week. I am dressing as Belle!

  6. Shay

    I would love to run both the Princess 1/2 and Tinkerbell 1/2 in the same year!

    Cinderella has always been my favorite princess. I still have my first watch. A Cinderella watch, of course!

  7. Sara

    Awesome!! I am so excited for you and the other FFAs who are going! I can’t wait to hear ALL about it! As you know, the Disney races are AMAZING!

    I would love to be Snow White – she is my favorite!!


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