Easy Like Sunday Running

Yesterday’s run sucked. There was really nothing enjoyable about it, other than its ending.

Which is fine, and makes me appreciate the good ones. After more unpacking yesterday, awful allergies and splitting a bottle of bubbly with Lacey, I was in bed by 10pm, and it was glorious.

Because I had big plans to see the Hunger Games this morning with Liz and Lacey!


That’s basically why we went at 9:30. Also? It’s $7!

I went in with cautiously low expectations, since I’d liked the books so much, but I think they did a good job–although I do wish they had made all the books into one movie, because now I’m dying for the next one and have to wait until 2013. (#firstworldproblems) The movie was very dramatic and suspenseful, but almost made me wish I hadn’t read the book first, because I always knew what was coming next and knew how the games would play out in the end.

Afterwards, I had plans to go to Soul Cycle with Ashley but canceled because I definitely needed some downtime after a busy few weeks and weekend. I’m trying to give myself some downtime instead of being go-go-go all the time and then collapsing in exhaustion every night. Also, I knew I had to get my long run in this morning, and I am generally not one of those crazy girls who does two hard workouts in a day. One’s generally good enough, thanks.

I was still feeling awful from my allergies, so I went grocery shopping and took Bailey to the dog park, and then collapsed on my bed to nap. Although I love my sleep, I am not a napper. There’s usually too much on my mind during the day to ever fall asleep, but I was exhausted. I woke up completely refreshed and not groggy at all and threw on running clothes before I could come up with any more excuses not to. I was hoping that the odds would be ever in my favor for a good run, and other than completely wiping out at one point, they were. (Although, a nun helped me up when I fell, which must be some sort of good luck, right?)

I ran to the East Side River and then over the Williamsburg Bridge and back.

photo (50).JPG

That is one hilly bitch. I just kept thinking of Tina and making that bridge my bitch.

I’m generally pretty good at just powering through hills, but today, my pace dropped from around a 9:05 to 10:15 while going over the hill.

It was not the prettiest day outside for normal people, but cool and overcast is perfect running weather, and I crossed my nine-miler off my plan. Success.


Now to cross of unpacking all of this off my list. Which will probably involve lots of cursing at myself for not throwing more out.

10 comments on “Easy Like Sunday Running

  1. Dori

    Very smart seeing it at 9:30 – I didn’t even know that was an option. I went on 4:20 on Sat and it was a madhouse. I feel like a very old lady, but I actually had to SHUSH teenagers during the movie. I had a tough run this weekend too.. my longest since November, I ran 6 miles. You’re right, it helps us appreciate the good ones! I am REALLY impressed that your move happened so quickly and now you’re done. I am really overwhelmed about mine!

  2. Molly

    I felt the exact same way about The Hunger Games, wishing I hadn’t read the books. My future in-laws are going to see it this week and haven’t read the books, so I’m curious to hear what they think about it.

  3. Timothy

    Just wanted to tell you I really found this post interesting and I’ll be pinning this on my pinterest account!

  4. Jenny

    “The movie was very dramatic and suspenseful, but almost made me wish I hadn’t read the book first, because I always knew what was coming next and knew how the games would play out in the end.”

    That’s how I felt too. The movie was so well done, but because it was so long, I started to get antsy for it to finish since I already knew what was going to happen.

    Congrats on a successful run! 🙂


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