The Niner That Wasn’t

A recurring theme in my life lately has been: you can’t do it all.

Yesterday, I woke up at 6:30 to finish packing and then packed/moved/unpacked until 6:30pm before hopping in the shower and walking over to Emily’s for book club, where I stayed until around midnight.

I woke up this morning, planning to run 9 miles before my mom came back to help me finish unpacking. I put on my running clothes and headed out. After standing in place for 5 minutes waiting for my Garmin to get satellites as my runny nose…ran…I realized I probably wasn’t going to make it all 9 miles. I was freaking physically exhausted.

photo (49).JPG

I had 4 miles on my plan for tomorrow, so I decided to switch the two, and felt much happier about that decision. With allergies and being exhausted from the move and then going out last night, my legs were absolute lead. This was not one of those runs that got easier as I continued or was at all enjoyable at the time, but at least I got it in.

I came back home and met my mom to finish unpacking.


I’d say I’m about 95% unpacked, because my mom is awesome and I can’t stand living out of boxes. This is looking towards the kitchen/entryway.


This is looking from the kitchen/entryway.


And this is the alcove where my bed/bedroom furniture are.

The color is way more Tiffany blue than I anticipated, but still beats plain white walls.

I can’t wait to finish up the unpacking/sorting, and have this really look like a home! If you need me, I’ll be on Pinterest for the rest of the weekend.

24 comments on “The Niner That Wasn’t

  1. Nicole

    Loving the paint colors and the floors like really nice, too.
    Here’s a saying that might make you feel better…tell yourself that you “I do Anything but can’t do Everything.”

  2. Jules @ JogOnJules

    You new place looks great and I love the colour of the paint! It reminds me of the sky on a spring day. Well done on getting unpacked so quickly, I still have boxes hiding in my spare room from TWO YEARS ago…

  3. dorry

    I LOVE your new place! it’s perfect. and I’m a big fan of the blue. 🙂 makes me so excited to get up there soon and find our new apartment. not sure if I mentioned it, but we’re staying at a friend’s place in the Financial District – he just recently moved back to Dallas, but has the lease for a couple more months so we’ll be able to take our time finding a perfect place…not in the Financial District. 😉

  4. Jen

    can i ask how you found such a nice big apartment? my lease is up in a month and it might be my budget constraints but nothing looks as nice as your new digs.

    1. Theodora

      @Jen: I started looking a few months ago and looked on craig’s list, streeteasy, every single realtor’s site for apts that matched my criteria (dog-friendly, near work) but I eventually ended up lucking out with a broker after seeing probably at least 20-30 apts. Good luck on your move!


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