I <3 Sleep

[Standard Theodora disclosure: there’s a paid review at the end of this post. Also, there will be a discussion on these sorts of posts soon, promise.]

There’s a lot of talk on healthy living blogs about the importance of exercise and nutrition, but I think there are a ton of factors that go into your health–including your mental health, and SLEEP.

I love sleep. I know a lot of people say that, but I really love sleep. And my bed. And laying in it. (No, really. I have no idea how I gained 50 pounds…)

I read an interesting post on Greatist the other day about which is more important: sleep or exercise. One of their readers had asked if it was better to get 8 hours of sleep and no workout , or six hours of sleep and a workout.

If someone put a gun to my head and asked which I’d rather do, I’d first freak out, you know, that there was a gun to my head.

But I would then answer that I’d rather the eight hours of sleep and no workout. I am absolutely one of those people who needs her 8 hours of sleep every night (and three square meals) to be a normal, functioning human. I can get by for a few days on less sleep, but I’m a lot less nice of a person to be around, and I feel way less productive at work. I can also feel the link between sleep and recovery–it takes me much longer to get over muscle soreness.

Sleeping in certain positions is also linked to pain. I usually sleep on my stomach, with my right knee up, almost like a reverse sort of pigeon pose.


Which can’t be good for anything.

Since the Dr. Oz show, I’ve been sleeping with a Comfort Revolution pillow we got. Before that, I’d only ever done the standard feather pillows from Target.

Through FitFluential, I got the opportunity to try out a fancy new pillow. I was curious to try it and see how it compared to the Comfort Revolution.



Like the Comfort Revolution, the Technogel pillow is no light and fluffy pillow. This box was hefty.

We were allowed to choose whichever pillow we wanted, so I went with the Anatomic pillow, which is recommended for people who suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain. It’s also recommended for back sleepers, which I’m not, but I was hoping that I could still reap those benefits even sleeping on my stomach.


The pillow is soft and contoured.


I like the contoured aspect of the pillow, but sleeping with it straight across hasn’t been very comfortable for me, whether I try to sleep on my back or stomach. It’s been most comfortable when I sleep with it either completely sideways or on a diagonal.

Would I buy this pillow on my own? Unsure. At ~$150, it’s definitely more than my Target pillows were, and the contour hasn’t seemed to work with my body. I’m also lucky enough to generally just fall asleep as my head hits the pillow, so I didn’t have any insomnia I hoped the pillow would help with. With that said, I love the texture and firmness of the pillow, and it works much better with my body when I sleep with it at an angle.

Now, I’m going to go get back in bed…without the tripod on my windowill.

What position do you sleep in, and what kind of pillows do you like–soft or firm?

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

17 comments on “I <3 Sleep

  1. Amilia

    your 1st sleeping pic is funny. i read the title, quick skim read 1st 2 para, then peek to the 1st picture. it was funnily suprise as I thought you would post ‘princessy cute sleeping beauty” sleep position.. hahaha..

  2. Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More

    I sleep on my back almost always. Occasionally on one side or the other, but not very often.

    I have a contour memory foam pillow. I bought one after I woke up with neck pains for several days in a row. Figured my head wasn’t getting the support it needed while I was sleeping. Got my pillow at Target for maybe $30.

  3. Laura

    I taught myself to sleep on my back, and I think it’s really funny that you refer to your sleep posture as reverse pigeon… because I use yoga to describe my sleep posture as well. In order to be comfortable sleeping on my back, I have to be in tree pose: one leg straight (either one though), one leg bent and with the foot at the knee/lower thigh of my other leg. And with both hands either resting on my tummy or up above my head.

    Too funny!

  4. Ceecee

    Sometimes I sleep just like you, haha although I’ve never heard the pigeon phrase before. Most of the time though I sleep on my right hand side facing the wall with my legs curved a little, sort of like a stretched out foetal position.

    I need better pillows though because mine are a bit too soft.

  5. Vicky

    I’m a stomach sleeper, too, but stretched out flat, arms tucked under me, bent at the elbows so my hands end up under my shoulders. I know, sounds uncomfortable, but apparently it’s my fetal position. I was just told (again) by a physical therapist that sleeping like that isn’t good for my back, but I will lay awake forever on my sides, and when I give up and turn onto my tummy, I’m out in like 2 minutes. I have a super soft memory foam-ish pillow I got free with my mattress. i adore it.

  6. Kim

    Honestly your blog is sort of turning into an infomercial. I understand you want to make $, but I read your blog for info about running and weight loss – not pillows.

  7. Jose - adelgazar barriga

    It is very important to find a balance between sleep and exercise, one does not work without the other. if 8 hours of sleep are not enough to recover, there are vitamins to speed muscle recovery and glutamine.

  8. Kimberly Russell

    I don’t think you should feel guilty about posting paid reviews, you’re honest in it – you’re not just trying to sell the product. It’s stuff like this that is good to read, it lets me know whether or not the product really is worth it. As long as you won’t be advertising for companies, I think it’s a useful resource.

    PS – Munch on frozen fruits. Those always help me shed poundage. Triple Berry mix from Trader Joe’s is my personal favorite.

  9. George

    I had some huge problems with neck pains (to much computer work) and decided that it was time for a new pillow.

    I got myself a water pillow and i love it.

    I sleep better and it is easy to adjust the firmness by adding more water.

    I sleep on my side so it works perfect creating the right posture while sleeping. neck pain disappeared for like 90% after just two nights.


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