Last Long Run Before the D.C. Half?

This has been a weird training cycle. I almost feel like it should be “training cycle.”

Yeah, I’ve gotten most of my runs in. (Even on weeks when I had trouble working out, I still got my runs in.)

But that speedwork thing you speak of? Yeah, no. Has been totally M.I.A.

When I decided to abandon my strength challenge and do a non-plan plan for this half, I knew I was making the right decision. I knew I ran a ton of races last year, have a ton of races on my calendar for this year, and don’t want to burn out on running mentally. I knew that, with trying to get settled in my new job, pushing myself at something else would leave me with absolutely no gas in the tank.

What I didn’t know was how much I’d miss that feeling of pushing myself hard. I’ve tried to play off next week’s race as “yeah, I’m not trying to PR, I’m just running it to run it.” But I’m learning I love pushing myself. I’m not happy with the status quo.

photo 1.JPG

But, there are other races this year, and taking this not-strict approach to training showed me how much I thrive on a training plan.

On my imaginary training plan this morning (or, when I asked Jess what my long runs should be between the Princess Half and the DC Half) was 7 miles. I tweeted last night to see if anyone was around to join me, and the lovely Caitlin was in. The last time we ran together, it was FREEZING. After this week’s freak warm weather, today felt pretty cold, too, but we warmed up quickly. I ran the 1.25 miles up to the park, ran 7 with Caitlin, and then ran the 1.25 miles back to the bagel shop. Obviously.

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The park was absolutely packed with runners, most of whom, I’m imagining, are gearing up for next week’s New York Half. I felt a little left out that I wasn’t training for that same race, and although I’m excited for Marine Corps, I absolutely know I’m going to feel that way around the NYC Marathon.

Once I got my bagel, I was much happier, though. I also thought about how slothenly my weekends were when I lived in D.C. and how I had so little that made me happy, and I am so glad I changed my life.

Also, I know this is annoying, but I was nominated for a Fitness magazine Best Weight Loss Blog award! I’d love if you voted for me–and checked out the other very worthy blogs in there.


In updates that really only I care about, I picked a paint color yesterday–misty teal.

Sometimes New York is a really annoying place to live, but yesterday, I walked across the street from my office to the paint store, picked a color, swiped my credit card for two gallons, and asked if they could be delivered to my new place. New York? You’re not so bad.

8 comments on “Last Long Run Before the D.C. Half?

  1. Helene @healthyfrenchie

    I think it’s great that you are not putting too much pressure on yourself. I know you mentionned you thrive on plans, but with a new job and a new house soon, it’s good to have your prioroities straight! Plus, as you mwntionned, you’ll have loads of other chaces to train hard this year!
    PS: I wish I was in NYC, so I could run and devour a bagel with you πŸ™‚

  2. Catherine Ricketson

    I’ll be cheering people on near the finish so hopefully i can catch both the 1/2 and full marathoners – will you be wearing a tutu? If so then I’ll definitely see you! Good luck with the race πŸ™‚

  3. Misha

    I am running the half in DC too! I am really excited, but am worried I was too ambitious with time goals. I do not want to be disappointed if I do not make my time goal.
    Good luck on Saturday πŸ™‚


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