Here Fishy, Fishy

My job involves a lot of hard work and long hours but also some pretty cool opportunities.

This morning, I didn’t even have to pretend I was going to work out before work, because one of my meetings today was a workout. That involved leaving work early for. SWEET.

We’re doing an event with DailyBurn next week, so one of my favorite coworkers and I headed over to their office to try out the workout we’ll be doing. I generally think I’m in decent shape, but working out with someone who used to work at Women’s Health, and someone who works for a fitness site? Yeah…

The workout was no joke, and it was a really fun meeting.

I came home, and my lovely mom was there to take home some stuff I won’t be able to fit in my new place but am not ready to get rid of yet. (#packrat?)

We worked quickly and then headed out for dinner.


With today being a Friday during Lent, my mom wanted seafood, since you’re not supposed to eat meat.

We didn’t have a reservation, since we weren’t sure when we were going to eat, but neither of us were in the mood to wait, so I tweeted and asked if anyone had a good recommendation for a seafood restaurant we could get into quickly. I’d wanted to go to Lure or BLT Fish Shack, but couldn’t get in those, so we went to City Crab. I’m generally not super-super picky about restaurants, but I wasn’t a huge fan.

Other than those lobster egg rolls up there. Those were good.


The ambiance looked warm and inviting on the website, but I wasn’t a fan in person.



I got the scallops, which were fairly dry, and only came with jasmine rice.


My mom got the grilled shrimp, which came with pasta–which also came out dry, until she asked for some more sauce on the side.



Sorry, I just ate your cousin.

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  1. M

    I’m craving seafood so the food looks so good. Pity it didn’t taste so delicious. I’m on a tight budget (due to my unemployment) so I can’t afford take out or grocery items like meat and seafood but when the 25th rolls around, I’m going to have prawn fashion sandwiches or a seafood curry.


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