Making Habits

I’ve been at my new job for just over 90 days (I know this, because I am finally eligible for health insurance!), and I think I’m finally starting to settle into a workout routine.

Getting last-minute notice that I’d be running a half-marathon and then running (err, if you can call what I did running) it finally gave me the push I needed to get settled into my routine.

They say it takes 21 days (or 28, or 66) to form a habit. Either they’re wrong, or I’m slow.

Over the past two weeks, it’s like all the excuses I was making in the first few months at my job ceased to exist.


And thank god.

Can’t wake up? Nope. (To be fair, Bailey was out at my parents’ last week and the week before, so I was able to go to the gym and go straight to work from there a few times without having to worry about coming back to walk him.)

Working too late? Nope. I’ve finally started listening to all that advice and making exercise a priority again, reminding myself how good it feels.

Last night, I’d planned to take 30/60/90. It started at 7:30. Even if I got stuck late at work, I told myself, I’d find a strength workout I could do and make myself go to the gym after work and do it.

Well, all afternoon, with a 7:30 class on my mental calendar, I was motivated to get things done so I could get out on time. And I did. Was the class fun? No, not really. Did I sweat profusely? Yup. Did I get some strength training out of the way? Yup.

I need to make this class a more regular fixture on my schedule. For non-New Yorkers/non-Equinox members, Kristi has a DVD, or you can download her workouts on the Fitness Class iPad app.

How long do you find it takes you to get used to a new habit/schedule?

4 comments on “Making Habits

  1. Courtney

    It can definitely be hard to balance work and a healthy lifestyle! I definitely struggled with it when I first graduated and still do from time to time! You are awesome for getting back into it 🙂

  2. Katrina @ 'Sota is Sexy

    I’m with you on the idea that it takes WAY more than 21 days to form a habit. I’d say getting into my exercise routine took me the better part of two months.

    As silly as this probably sounds, I have a “mantra” I think about whenever I feel like cutting my workout out of my busy schedule. I mentally tell myself, “You never regret a workout.”

    I know it’s super cheesy, but it’s true! Sometimes I have to tell myself that five or six times, but it usually gets me away from whatever I’m doing so I can fit in some time for exercise, no matter how busy I am!

  3. Britne @ Shabbott's Habits

    I used this concept – “It takes 21 days to form a habit” – to form 13 healthy habits over the course of last year. It really does work! I formed the following healthy habits: 1) Drinking more water 2) Coming up with a cardio schedule 3) Eating a healthy breakfast everyday 4) Getting at least 7 hours sleep each night 5) Getting enough fruits and veggies 6) Forming a weight-lifitin routine 7) Eliminating empty calories from my diet 8) Taking a daily multivitamin 9) Eliminating artificial sweeteners from my diet 10) Strengthening my core 11) Managing portions 12) Meditating and stretching and the BIG one – 13) Minimizing processed foods in my diet.


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