Winning the Lottery

Yesterday, I got an email that I’d won the lottery.

And it wasn’t spam.

Nor was I winning money. I actually won a lottery that required me to pay money.

Still not spam.

I won the lottery for my hometown tri. 

I’m actually surprised that there’s even a lottery, but whatever.

I’m excited for a redemption tri, and I have some very specific goals in mind.

  • Don’t get a flat tire.
  • Place in the top 10 in my age group. (As it’s such a small field, I think this is possible.)
  • Run the 5-miler in less than 42 minutes.
  • Beat people I know. I’m not usually that competitive, and there’s usually a big, competitive field in most races I run in, but I’m pretty sure I can unleash some fierceness in my hometown. Thinking about this makes me wonder how much more competitive I’d be if I lived in a smaller town. I think I’d focus on one person I wanted to beat.
In semi-unrelated news, when I got home the other night, I had a sweet bag from New Balance waiting for me. They’re sponsoring our blogger team for Reach the Beach, and so they sent us a big bag of goodies.


This bag officially puts me at half workout clothes in my dresser*. Below are the ones I’m most excited to try.


I tried out these pants on a 6-miler with Ashley this morning and at 30/60/90 the other night, and I really like them. They stay put and are just as flattering in the midsection as my Wunder Unders. (Ashley and I also showed up in matching New Balance tops, which was only slightly awkward.)

(Gratuitous Central Park in the morning shot.)


This is New Balance’s equivalent of a Garmin–I’m excited to see how it compares!


I suspect I ended up with bright yellow ones because of my abnormally-big-feet-for-5’5″. (I’m a 10.5 in running shoes–I never grew into my feet.) I tried them this morning, too, and while I need to run in them more to really formulate an opinion–so far, so good. They were nice and cushion-y and nothing hurt in them.

Below are links to the products:

But because New Balance wants to hook you up, too, they’ve given me a coupon code to share with my readers. Use code NBRTB12766BGG from March 1 – March 10 to get 15% off any NB gear as well as free shipping.

*I’ll likely be doing giveaways when I move to get rid of stuff and share the love–some fitness related, some random stuff. I also have a few more scheduled giveaways coming up.

9 comments on “Winning the Lottery

  1. Michelle

    Hey Theodora! I am so jealous of your New Balance gear, that is so awesome.

    Quick question – how do you like 30/60/90? I’m a group fitness instructor and trainer and I’m going to the instructor training tomorrow. I haven’t taken a class, so I’m curious to hear opinions about it. Thanks!

  2. Ashleysh22

    wow you lucky girl! I wish I could afford ANY such new balance gear – particularly clothing. I feel like I am always in need of good workout clothes. Those pants you got are just adorable!

  3. Dori

    Those crops are really cute. I’m the exact same height as you but I have small feet — I never noticed yours looking big, but wow!

  4. Bonnie

    Love the gear! Pretty great that you get the opportunity to partner with such solid brands AND get the perk of testing out the gear! Love the goods you got. And congrats on getting in for the tri! Hope your training goes well and enjoy it in your new gear. 🙂


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