Small Wins to Stay Healthy

(Personal disclosure: Quaker, via Glam Media paid me for this post. Official disclosure is at bottom, but I hate reading to the bottom of a post and finding out it’s been sponsored, so I’m getting it out of the way up here.)

As is well-documented on this blog, I am not quite a morning person.

Even if I manage to work out in the morning, it still takes me a while to feel completely awake and alert.

In this groggy state, it would be really easy for me to start my day off with unhealthy choices, but there’s a few small wins in the morning that set me up for a healthy, happy bear day.


Coffee. I just think clearer once I have caffeine surging through my veins and am less likely to want to sit there and stuff my face.


Walking this furry little face. It’s not always my idea of fun, but it gives me a little exercise before I’ve even left my apartment for the day, and gives me some quality time with the man in my life.


Walking to work. Before I’ve even sat down at my desk, I’ve already gotten in some exercise, even if I didn’t manage to get a workout in.


Breakfast. I cannot skip breakfast. Skip a chance to eat? No thanks. A healthy breakfast has become such a weekday routine for me that I rarely even consider eating something unhealthy for breakfast. And, of course, this generally leads to me making healthy choices throughout the day. My favorite breakfasts are oatmeal, an English muffin with some sunflower butter, or some sort of egg sandwich.

I’ll also be participating in a Twitter chat on Thursday, 3/8, at 7pm EST. You can chat at or via the widget below, at that time, about the small wins that help you lead a healthier lifestyle. There is a chance to win $50 at the end of the discussion or a $1000 grand prize. And, you know, tweeting with me.

The benefits of a warm, filling bowl of oatmeal can keep you going all morning long.Energy. Fiber. Heart Health.

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Quaker via Glam Media. The

opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of
the opinions or positions of Quaker.

What are small wins that help you stay healthy?

10 comments on “Small Wins to Stay Healthy

  1. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    I would definitely agree that starting your day with a healthy breakfast is the easiest and one of the best small wins. I also love starting my day with a great workout. It really gets me going and starts my day on the right foot.

  2. Megan @ Life As Megan Knows It

    I always plan out my meals for the week on Sunday! I prepare as much as I can so I won’t have any excuses during the week. I also try and plan my workouts for the week and set some goals for myself. Right now i am trying to workout in the morning and night but I am having trouble with the whole getting up at 5 am thing..

  3. Helene @healthyfrenchie

    That picture of you with your dog is so cute! I don’t think my pooch would agree to put a coat on though! He doesn’t mind the rain at all!
    But like you, I walk him every morning and then walk to work.. 40 /45 min walk counts right?
    And since Freddie is so full of energy, I have started running with him in the morning! He is such a good motivation!
    Now if only it would stop snowing in Canada, I could run more often 🙂

  4. Luttchie

    It is not really expensive to eat healthy food…Sometimes, you can just pick some healthy things from your stocks and make your own…

  5. Kate @ ibrokemyumbrella

    Do you eat your oats raw like that? That doesn’t upset your stomach? Interesting. Also, I love what you did with the disclosure up top. I’ve gotten say, your blog is definitely one of the most honest I’ve ever seen.


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