A Full Half-Day

It was a very Good Friday indeed.


Starting with a spinach feta wrap from Starbucks.

And then leaving work by 3 and going back to introduce Bailey to my coworkers.

Taking him to the dog park.

Coming back home, doing a bit more work, and deciding my pillow was really nice and we needed some quality nap time together.

Waking up and running. (Fine, I woke up and hemmed and hawed some more about it but then realized what a nice day it was, and oh, I’m running a half next weekend.)

Heading out to Brooklyn for Meghan’s birthday.


We went to Local 61, a cute bar in Cobble Hill. That map on the wall is of the NY region, and those logos represent the breweries in those states. I learned tonight that apparently there is a brewery around 20 minutes from my parents’. Things I never knew.


The bar was full, but not packed and was not too loud. It had a fun vibe. Apparently you can also pick up CSA shares there?

The food is also all apparently locally sourced. (I didn’t try any.)

It was an awesome half day. How would you spend a half-day off from work?

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