Recommitting, Again

[Subtitle: And my love for redundancy.]

If you think I’m sarcastic on my blog, you should see how sarcastic I am in person. I think I developed a thick skin of sarcasm when I was overweight to hide my deep insecurity. I’m not as insecure now, but still, the sarcasm sticks.

My coworker that sits next to me likes to read my blog, and she likes to read it out loud. Which, you know, is not embarrassing at all. There’s nothing that will get you to question what you write more than someone reading it out loud. (Hi Izzy!)

She was reading my blog today and noticed I hadn’t posted since Tuesday.

“Well, I write a health/fitness blog, and since Tuesday, I haven’t worked out, and I have gone out for drinks every night.”

I mean, that’s not why I haven’t blogged. I never try to be perfect in my healthiness, or hide when I just can’t get it together, but it’s been another busy week.

Monday and Tuesday: Junior League meetings. (Which include wine.)

Yesterday: 8am meeting and then evening work event with New Balance for the Minimus collection


Followed by dinner at Bell Book & Candle, which I would like to return to.

Tonight: 8:30am meeting and drinks after work with coworkers. I should have worked out, but considering how often I’m overscheduling myself and can’t give in to spontaneous plans, it was awesome.


Dinner, because I am a caricature of myself, was from the Whole Foods hot bar. Which, really, is just a fancy term for buffet.

I’m terrible at forcing myself into self-imposed challenges, but I’m going to attempt to track food and workouts here a bit more in the coming weeks to continue to hold myself accountable. That’s what I did when I started my blog, and it worked for me then.

Although I’m trying to say no when possible, my life’s not calming down any time soon, and this not working out is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The less I work out, the worse I feel, and vice versa. But all I can do is just keep trying. For my health. For Memorial Day being weeks away. For my running.

Care to recommit with me?

18 comments on “Recommitting, Again

  1. Nicole

    I love how honest you are about over scheduling, lack of workouts and overall just being busy and not focused.
    I’m recommitting with you!

    I’ll be working on my own blog post to share my recommitment.

    Argh! Hate this feeling.

  2. Tara

    ME!!!! I lost some weight recently not doing much but I know I have so much more to go. This week I went rock climbing and hit the treadmill. Those are no small accomplishments for me and I hope to get in grove of three times a week exercise. I have also been drinking more water and eating more fruits and veggies. Not a huge amount but more than two weeks ago.

  3. janis

    You are real and that is refreshing, life does get in the way sometimes more than others….and we all re commit every day! thanks.

  4. Barb

    I love the blog and I happy to hear more about your healthy lifestyle. I am working on being healthier myself as I have about 85lbs to lose. I’ve skipped fries, chocolate, sweets, chicken fingers since March 1st. I’ve gone to the gym 6 days a week and lost the first 15 lbs, so only 70 more to go.
    I just want to fit in my old clothes which are more stylish.

  5. Jessica

    Yes, yes. You read my mind. I will recommit for 12 weeks of training. I’ve only formally trained for 13.1 and 26.2, but this time, I’ll train for a 10k. Much more doable given my current schedule. Hopefully this will also whip me into shape for bikini weather.

  6. Brie

    Me. I’ve been a big ball of suck lately.
    If you, like, know the people who make NB Minimus shoes, please send them my undying love. I CrossFit in them and they make my feet happy and I want to buy twelve pairs of them.

  7. Alexia

    I am always inspired by your honesty about this journey. Thanks for admitting to recommitting! Count me in as constantly recommitting!

  8. BaileyA

    Recommitting to fitness can be terribly hard. I went through that about nine months ago. And I completely sympathize with the feeling that not working out makes you feel worse, causing the problem to spiral out of control. But dangit you can do it!

  9. Debra@FitandFab365

    Me too! I need to recommit. These past two weeks I’ve been doing well and I do have motivation – a wedding in October to go to and the dress I want to wear is a size too small. I’ll work on my post on recommitting. It’s so much easier to do this when there is support rather than going it alone. Good luck with your goals.

  10. Allison

    I’m with you! I’ve been so busy too! I haven’t been to the gym in weeks and I’ve been eating out way too much!


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