It Must Be Because I’m An Aquarius

I’m feeling a little burnt out on running lately.

Once I get out there, I’m usually okay, but the idea of heading out to the same old paths is not very exciting. East side path, West side path, Central Park, rinse, repeat.

I started feeling like this with my weekday runs while marathon training, but having 10+ miles of area to cover on the weekends meant that I got to be more creative.

This morning, I slept in until 10, which clearly had nothing to do with all the bubbly I had at book club last night.


I had some banana bread that my dad made me and my mom brought earlier this week when I saw her (no, I did not know he could bake either) with a scrambled egg on the side for a little protein. My dad used half whole-wheat flour, and you couldn’t taste the difference at all.

One of the ladies left a bag here, and she was picking it up around 12. I lazed around and took Bailey to the dog park, figuring I’d run after she picked up her stuff. By then, it was close to 1 and the route I’d tried to map–to the East Side, down to the tip and up the West Side, was way longer than I needed to run.

To the West Side it was.

As I was running west, I thought I might want to run into the park once I got to 59th Street.

photo 4.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 1.JPG

I’m about to offend a lot of my NYC runner friends, but the West Side path/Hudson River Greenway? Far superior to Central Park.

The park is nice and all, but I think running along the water is so much more relaxing. (Maybe because I’m an Aquarius?)

I covered 7 miles, per my Reach the Beach training plan, and the best 3.5 miles were the 3.5 after the turn-around point. Before that, my legs were lead; after, I felt like I was flying.

photo 5.JPG

Someone did not run with me.

NYC runners: Central Park or along the water?

Everyone else: if you had your choice, park or along a waterfront??

31 comments on “It Must Be Because I’m An Aquarius

  1. Shannon

    For me, the thing about the Hudson greenway is that there’s no shade! (or, it’s way sunnier than CP at least.) plus, I always feel like I’m at least getting some decent hill training in the park. I prefer the riverside paths for bike riding and Central Park for running. I have no idea why, but at least I’ll be equally close to both when I move. (Clearly, I’m super excited about my new place.)

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Shannon: Um, sounds like the best place to live ever. I moved to Chelsea to be closer to work to make things easier to take care of my dog…but UWS probably would have been high on my list had it not been for my furry friend.

  2. Carina

    I prefer the Greenway and did the majority of my long run training there. I find it much more relaxing. Except once you run past the Fairway in Harlem, there are no more water stops. But I prefer doing an out-and-back run instead of loop after loop of CP. Plus, to me, the river always seems less crowded, which I like.

  3. Amy @ running escapades

    I would choose to run along the water (and I’m aquarius too, so you may be right on that one!) but one day I want to experience a run in CP.

    I would love to know more about your RTB training plan…I’ll be running NH in Sept for the first time. Looking for all the prep info I can get =)

  4. Cindy

    I absolutely love Central Park – but I prefer all the little mini-paths. But, in all honesty, I haven’t tried running in the Hudson yet. I love super close to CP, but not far from the Hudson either…maybe you just motivated me to try it!

  5. Cate

    My sister lived in the West Village for two years and whenever I would visit, we’d run along the river. I prefer the river over the park any day. I grew up near the ocean, so I think it’s in my blood to be near the water! I had a HORRIBLE run yesterday, but I think a bad run is better than no run, right? I’m glad the second half of your run went better than the first!

  6. Megan @ Run Like a Grl

    I totally agree with you about the West Side. I like running there better for many reasons: 1. less runners, 2: I love running near the water, its relaxing and 3: Its been upgraded recently so there nice parks/art to look at. For long runs I usually start up near 125th and run to the ferry and its so nice!

  7. Meg G

    I will always choose water. It’s one of my favorite things about living in Seattle, almost any route I choose will have some body of water to run next to 🙂

  8. leticia

    I use to always run in central park, but my heart is growing to really really love the westside hwy. i mean i wouldn’t attest that at all to the flat course 😉 haha!

  9. Megan

    Hudson River Greenway is far superior in my book. And there’s always a fantastic breeze along the water. Although the Run As One 4M in Central Park this morning was quite nice. I just feel lucky to live in such a wonderful city that has so many different, easy-to-reach options to keep workouts fresh!! Have a great Sunday!

  10. Meredith @ DareYouTo

    I enjoy parks, but there’s something so rejuvinating about running near water. The fresher air, the rippling sound, the open space — love it!

    I’m an Aquarius, too, so that COULD be why! 😉

  11. Jen @ Such a Funny Fat

    I’m going to go with water – maybe it’s because I don’t really get to run near it often (aside from water retention lakes) so I think it’s just cool. Plus you never know what you’ll see – boating, fishing, wildlife etc… it’s fun.

  12. Christina

    I gotta agree, along the water is much better. I like running on the east side, they’re doing a lot of renovating downtown so it’s more runner “friendly”

  13. Molly

    I live in Chicago, and one of the best things about the city is the lakefront trail. I always run along the lake and much prefer it to the park.

  14. Jen

    I hope you will forgive me because I live WAY up on the upper west side (washington heights actually), and i honestly dont know how to run on the west side river place all the runners speak of!! i am ashamed. i run in central park/midtown a lot because my gym is right on 7th avenue, but i really want to find this place.. help? PS i love your blog! 🙂

  15. KatieG

    I love the water, the Thames is especially great because the central London bridges are all about a mile apart so you can do a simple increase in distance by just running to the next bridge.


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