5:57 am: alarm goes off, hit snooze

6:25 am: alarm goes off, hit snooze

6:35 am: alarm goes off, “I really need to run.”

6:35-6:45: “what is my problem? Why can’t I get out of bed?”

6:45: “You’re running almost 20 miles over 24 hours in three weeks, go run!”

6:45-7:00: get ready, get dressed

7:00:-7:01: stand outside, attempt to locate satellites on Garmin.

7:02: “it’s really cold…maybe I should get back in bed.:

7:02:30: “You’ll warm up. Screw the satellites.”

7:02:45-7:13: “This still sort of sucks.”

7:13-7:35: This is lovely! The sun is out! I’ll get my run in before work AND be able to enjoy myself at book club tonight!

7:35-7:45: (Running back through the city.) “These traffic lights are lame.”

7:45-7:55: Collapse on couch

7:55-9:00: Get ready, walk Bailey, walk to work

9:00-2:00: Work

2:00-3:30: Have appointment with really cool vendor

3:30-6: Work

6:00-6:20: Panic that your book club is coming over at 7, you’re still at work, and you need to finish cleaning and buy food. Wonder why you’re hosting book club after work.

6:15: Email book club and ask them to come a little later.

6:25: Leave work, walk to Eataly.

6:30: Buy cheese, leave happy.

6:40: Get home, hug dog, walk dog.

6:55: Speed-clean apartment.

7:15: Book club walks in, stress disappears.

photo 2.JPG

It might have to do with all this cheese.

photo 3.JPG

Or the macarons Emily brought.

photo (53).JPG

This prosecco was pretty clutch, too. Light and fruity, it tasted like it had some notes of pear. (And some of awesomeness.)

11:30pm: Curl up with dog and sleep until the sun wakes you up.

4 comments on “T.G.I.F.

  1. andrea Spivey

    Sounds like a really awesome day. I love how you admit that exercising can be a chore. Your inner dialog sounds alot like mine in the morning.

  2. Stacy

    NYC is too small… In a city of 8.5 million people, you managed to run in front of my car at 1:30 today (Saturday) as you ran across the West Side Highway to the path. I screamed out “That’s Theodora!” Too funny.
    I hope you enjoyed your run.

  3. Christina

    Omg I’m a cronic snooze hitter!!! Wth! lol. Always the same thing goes through my mind….you know you better get your a$$ up…just one more snooze…


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