More/Fitness Half Race Day Goals

I’m running the More/Fitness Half on Sunday, courtesy of the lovely folks at Fitness magazine.


It’s the second time I’m running it. The first time I ran it, it was the third of three halfs in a row, and it was less than fun. My legs were completely exhausted.

Going into this race, my legs definitely feel a little tired, for no good reason. I’m certainly not overtrained. I’ve stuck to my planned distances, and didn’t push the speed.

I’m taking today as a complete rest day (well, other than walking the two miles to work, back at lunch, back to work, and then back home tonight) and will do a little shakeout run tomorrow as well as an agility class.

I’m fairly nervous about this race for a few reasons:

I want to PR but am not feeling ready for it.

I’ve not yet run sub-2 solo.

201204130749.jpg 201204130750.jpg


These ladies have all been fabulous pacers and running buddies.

But Sunday, I’m running solo. I’ve never been one who has to run with someone, but it’s worked out for the past few races that I have run with someone.

I’ve said that my current half PR doesn’t feel “real” because I ran into Gia and just hung on for my dear life. Yes, I ran it on my own legs, but it was at her pace, and with her having figured out her race strategy and me just following along.

I plan to grab a pace band at the expo tomorrow or just printing out this one/writing the times on my arm. A pace band worked really well for me at the NYC Marathon, so hopefully it will work on Sunday. As usual, I’m going to start out a little slower and then pick up the pace. (The pace bands count on even splits, but I’m just going to use them as a guideline for where I should be.)

I’m also planning on taking a salt packet before the race to avoid any potential dehydration issues, after my brush with the medical tent.

1:55 or bust.

Edited to add: The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Road to Healthy Skin Tour, presented by Aveeno, will be at 72nd St and 5th Ave. from 8-12 during the race, with local volunteer dermatologists offering free full-body skin cancer screenings in the Tour’s 38-ft RV, and I absolutely plan on taking them up on this, as I am long overdue for one.

26 comments on “More/Fitness Half Race Day Goals

  1. Jess

    The weather is suppose to be amazing on Sunday, so I think it will be the perfect day for you to chase down that pr! So go get it!

  2. Cat @ Breakfast to Bed

    here’s the thing, Saucy Miss Theodora. This is NEGATIVE self talk, and since I am on a rampage to knock this shit out, Imma gonna tell you this. Even if you are running alongside someone, the run is still YOURS. They might be motivating, but it’s YOUR RUN, YOUR PR. You can do it, alone, with someone, running with ten someones, the run is still yours. You got this.

  3. Nichole

    Love, love, love your blog! You Can Do IT!! I will be running the MORE HM this weekend too, after being down most of the week with a stomach bug! Finally back to my old self and got my run on this morning and am ready for my own PR on Sunday, although my goal is 2:15!

  4. Katie @ Life... Discombobulated


    And I don’t mean to be a total pain in the ass here, because you clearly know what works for you better than anyone else does, but I’ve always been told by a running coach in the past to stay OFF my feet and not do ANYTHING except for a short (2-3 miles) shake out run the day or 2 before the race with 2 or 3 striders at the end, just to get the legs going and boost confidence. She even forced people to stop riding their bikes to work during taper! haha So, my point is that it doesn’t really SOUND like today and tomorrow are going to be “rest” days, but, like I said, you know what works for you better than anyone else does.

    Again, GOOD LUCK!!!!

  5. Cait

    Good luck! Do you walk a total of 2miles back/forth/back/forth to work each day or 2miles each way? That’s great exercise on it’s own!


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