Recommitting Again, Part II

[I pretend I’m writing a blog series because I really just hate picking post titles. Part I]

So, to basically just recap the past 4.5 months of my life: my job’s great, I’m really busy, and I can’t get my shit together to work out.

I’ve also been totally all-or-nothing, and that obviously hasn’t worked.

But I’m starting to get fairly unhappy with my looks, specifically the pooch that’s growing around my stomach, and I’m not talking about Bailey. Because a dog growing around my stomach would be weird.

I know there’s a few factors behind this: less strength workouts, some weird eating habits and stress.

Here’s my semi-plan:

[No plan=doing nothing; a strict plan=getting into all-or-nothing and…ending up doing nothing. Insert standard this-is-what-works-for-me language here.]

Workouts: for now, three days running and two days strength. (This will change when I start training for my tri.) Since strength is where I always struggle, here’s my no-excuses strength plan: a class (30/60/90 or MetCon3 at Equinox–or any other strength classes they have I haven’t tried yet that is strength/interval based); a DailyBurn workout if I can’t fit an in-person class into my schedule; or one of Kara Goucher’s strength workouts.

Weird Eating Habits: I usually eat breakfast around 9-9:30, and it’s totally normal. As a holdover from my stomach issues, I usually wait to eat until after afternoon meetings or after running home to walk Bailey at lunchtime, and so I don’t eat until at least 2 usually. Needless to say, I’m starving by then. (Even if I have a snack.) I’ll usually have another snack around 5 or so, especially if I have something going on after work. I usually don’t eat dinner before 9pm.

I think with this sort of schedule, something like a bunch of smaller meals works better for me, and so I need to get back to that sort of schedule. I also need to reduce the wheat in my diet, since it’s basically the only whole grain I consume right now–and I just feel better and my stomach feels tighter without it. Semi-plan plan: more protein and veggies, less wheat and more whole grains. Also, less alcohol during the week, less sugar.

Stress: LOLz. Accepting I choose to decide what I let stress me out, and not to sweat the small stuff.

Starting Weight: 140

Goal Weight: 135. This is honestly a weight that takes more effort during the year than I care to put in to maintain it, but it’s a weight I can maintain for the summer. Goal date: May 17, when I leave for Reach the Beach.

I’ll do waist/belly button measurements when I find my measuring tape.



And I’ll officially cut back on the wheat when I finish this tray of spaghetti (whole wheat) my mom sent me back with.

Also, I got an email from the Chelsea Piers PR people today that NYC runners might be interested in:

Chelsea Piers, the Meatpacking District Improvement Association (MPIA), and Icebreaker have teamed up to form a FREE running club for athletes of all levels and abilities. The Meatpacking District Run Group will hold its first run tomorrow night at 6:30pm. The group will be led by coaches from the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers and Icebreaker.

The group will meet at the Icebreaker Store in the Meatpacking District, located at 823 Washington Street, between Gansevoort St. and Little West 12th. Runners will leave the store at 6:30pm and take a short jog to Pier 46 for stretching and warm-up drills. The group will then split into smaller groups from there. If you miss the group at Icebreaker, you can meet up with them at Pier 46. Runs will last for about an hour.

19 comments on “Recommitting Again, Part II

  1. Liz

    Great plan, I love it’s totally realistic and not all I’m juicing for 30 days and that’s that. I’m in a similar spot with wheat, super hard for me to give up , but slowing turning into a necessity if I want to lose weight.

  2. Laura

    Kara Goucher’s strength training plan is good, BUT I also think there are a few other exercises that I found myself missing (and added back). To workout 1, I added dumbbell rows and a military press, and that seemed to be a good balance.

  3. Dori

    Your plan sounds really good and attainable, and even if you miss a couple of days it won’t throw you entirely off. I’d also like to eat less sugar and wheat.. I’m going to use my new apartment and nice kitchen as my motivator to cook more and learn how to cook more.

  4. Jess

    This is an awesome plan – it’s totally approachable and realistic and not so drastic that you’ll find yourself miserable, especially considering how strapped for time you are lately. The less stress and misery, the better, right? You’re going about this smartly, I dig it. 🙂

  5. Laura @joyful shimmy

    Sounds like a smart plan. I have been taking some tabata classes in equinox. I also try to do a barre burn which has been good for all of those pesky muscles that well needs a boost.

  6. Kim

    I’ve been struggling to find a “plan” that works for me as well. This week I’ve actually been getting up at *gulp* 4:15am to get my workout in before work. I drive an hour to and from work, so I normally have no desire to work out once I get home in the evening.

  7. Shannon

    I have similar struggles! Weekends are definitely my downfall also, unexpected dinners with friends after work (much like tonight) impede my running progress but I remind myself that they’re good for my mental health. My biggest obstacle is working out in the morning- if I can run in the morning then all those things that pop up after work won’t be a big deal.

  8. Alexarrie

    I love those meatballs and I think I am getting hungry now…It makes me want to cook something right now…LOL…Anyway, thank you for your post shared us…

  9. Jodi @ Jodi, Fat or Not

    I’m trying hard to get into strength training workouts too, but it’s not my first choice. I don’t feel like I get the same instant gratification like I do from cardio so it’s hard to convince myself to do strength on my own. Looking forward to your updates with this plan!

  10. Angela

    I can totally understand how you feel.

    I’ve lost 85lbs and have been staring at the same number on the scale for almost a year..its driving me nuts because I don’t want to go on a “diet” i’ve done this all with just changing my lifestyle but i’m thinking of cutting out some of wheat and starches to see if that quick starts me losing some more.

    Good luck with recommitting!

  11. Katie

    You got! I know I am also trying to refocus myself after a recent duathlon..figuring out what and how to train can be challenging but you can totally do it! Good luck 🙂 I look forward to hearing how you are doing.

  12. Kristy @ Tips on Healthy Living

    I commend your efforts to get back on track! It’s hard the first month. I used Kara’s strength-training plan after a series of ITB/hip bursitis injuries sidelined me last year–and also picked up spin and yoga, which have helped. The biggest thing is consistency, and you’ve got that covered. Gluten-free diet has also helped a lot of runners with sensitive stomachs.

    Good luck, can’t wait to hear more about your tri training!

  13. lauren

    Sounds like a great, realistic approach. I’m kind of thinking about doing the same thing, except I’m really non-committal and I think I need more of a body-weight strength training routine to start – I hear there are some out there. I think the hardest part is starting a routine.
    I’ve been gluten free for about a month now and while it isn’t the answer for weight loss (as it’s sometimes touted) and may be too extreme for some, my stomach is so much happier. I didn’t realize how bloated I was before.
    I’d love to lose 5 lbs before the summer, so I will definitely be following you for inspiration! Maybe you’ll share some meals with us, I’d love some quick and easy options.

  14. Bonnie

    Love your focus and goals, Theodora! Realistic and attainable… Rooting for you with all you’re balancing – seems like so much but you sure seem to do well with lots on your plate. Thanks for letting us follow along with your days!


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