Cinco de Derby


Oh hello there.

Cinco de Derby/my baby cousin’s first birthday are over, and I survived.


LOOK AT THIS LITTLE PEANUT! And look at my mom wearing white before Memorial Day! What a rebel.


Lexi’s not walking yet, but she bounces like no other in this little bouncy thing. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.


Mom, I know you like little ones, but you’re gonna have to wait quite a few years before I give you one. Sorry.




The food was all pretty heavy, so I didn’t have much–some meatballs, arroz con pollo, an empanada and a little pasta.

After hanging at the party for a few hours, it was time to get back to the city for Ashley’s Derby party. I missed the actual horse racing part of the party…oops.


This is the only picture I took at Ashley’s– but I guess I really liked the napkins? (Below photo courtesy of Ashley.)

Screen shot 2012-05-06 at 6.46.38 PM.png

Ashley, me and Melissa

After the party, we went out to a few more bars. I deliberately didn’t make plans this morning (despite Laura attempting to talk me into running a marathon today), but I woke up feeling just fine and have had a lovely little day. Thank god for being 29 and semi-responsible. I certainly don’t miss the rip-roaring hangovers from my early 20s.


It was way too nice out to stay inside, so I went to Madison Square Park to lay out for awhile (and so, it seems, did half of the rest of the city) and then went on my first bike ride of the year. It was some awesome me time.

CONGRATS TO EVERYONE WHO RACED TODAY! I had an awesome time reading your tweets…from bed.

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