Happy Derby de Mayo!

It’s not even 1pm yet, and I’ve already:

  • run 8 miles
  • showered
  • dried my hair
  • inhaled a spinach feta wrap
  • taken two trains out to New Jersey

photo 1

It was so insanely humid and foggy this morning on my lover, the West Side Highway. That’s the Freedom Tower behind the fog.

photo 2

I don’t usually take many pictures on my runs any more, but my head wasn’t totally in the run this morning, so I gave myself a few photo breaks.

photo 3

Oh hey Jersey City! (And Dori.)

photo 4

More fog, buildings around World Financial Center.

When I first started running three years ago, this is the area of the path I ran on all the time, and I miss it a lot. It was so peaceful to run past the marina and a much less busy area of the path.

photo 5

I fought through the fog and humidity for my 8 miles, and now it’s time to celebrate—my cousin’s birthday and Derby de Mayo!


9 comments on “Happy Derby de Mayo!

  1. Paul Ignace

    Congratulations!!! for Happy Derby de Mayo! Also your photographs are awesome. Thanks for sharing these eye catching photos with us.

  2. Dori

    Love the JC pic, and I can see both my office and the area where my apartment building is in it! And I worked in the World Financial Center for three years, so your run felt like a peek into my life. Great job!


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