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It is Friday night, and I am so so happy to be sitting on my couch in yoga pants with a glass of wine. I’m exhausted, and I will likely be in bed in the next hour. I lead a really wild life in NYC.

The past 24 hours have been a ton of fun.

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Last night was our Junior League bag auction. In previous years, they’ve rented iPod touches for us to bid on, but this year, you could just log into the system using your own phone, which was REALLY cool. You had the option of either downloading their app or using the web app (which is what I did because I already have approximately 9200 apps on my phone) and then you bid from there.

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My goal was to not buy a bag…but then I saw this Linea Pelle one and bid on it. I knew I shouldn’t be buying a bag, so I only bid on it once and didn’t win.

I did end buying what was probably the cheapest bag there, though! I bought a $19 sparkly clutch. I’m more than okay with that purchase.

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Tonight, I went to Ashley and Gia’s event at Pure Yoga.

Pure Yoga is owned by Equinox, and is super super fancy. (I know that iPhone photo totally illustrates that, right?)

We took a Figure 4 class, which is a barre class, so similar to Physique or Core Fusion.

Oh, except this one was HOT. Like hot yoga hot. (Intentionally–it’s not like it was just randomly hot in there.)


LIke other barre classes, this one uses a barre (SHOCKING, RIGHT?), cushion and light weights. It started with a thighs section, and by the end, my thighs were absolutely quivering.

Also like other barre classes, we did the non-barre work in the middle of the studio. The studio is square-shaped, and so I didn’t realize where the instructor would be, and I ended up smack-dab in the front row instead of my preferred hiding-in-the-back spot. This meant that I was closest to the instructor and her eagle eyes and subject to all her corrections. I’m working on building my strength back up (after being a stupid lazy runner who didn’t do enough of it for far too long), but I still feel weak in these sorts of classes, so I’m already self-conscious. Add in the fact that I am SO UNCOORDINATED and feel like an oaf, and corrections just make me feel even more self-conscious.

photo 3.jpg

But apparently someone’s plank form is crap (hint: not Gia behind me in the pink), so I guess I need it.

photo 5.jpg

I can also feel my abs starting to get stronger and my lower back hurting less from starting to make regular strength training a thing. Progress!

The class was incredibly intense to begin with, and the heat took it to another level. I don’t think it was *quite* as warm as hot yoga classes are, but it was definitely hot. I’m pretty sure I sweat out all the champagne I had last night.

Would I do the class again? Probably, but not regularly. I think Physique is still my favorite bar class, BUT the Core Fusion class I took that had floor-to-ceiling windows won for best studio location in my mental Awards for Best Barre class. This class was two floors below street level, and I felt a little claustrophobic any time I thought of that.

I took a quick shower, and then Gia had some wine and nuts for us in the lobby.

photo (54).JPG

It was a fun event, and it was great to see everyone! Thanks to Ashley and Gia for setting up, and thanks to Pure for hosting us.


And thanks to Gia for the CD of photos from the disposable cameras from my birthday. And for not posting the embarrassing ones all over the internets.

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  1. Ash Bear

    No picture of the sparkly clutch?

    Thanks for coming tonight! I thought the room was hotter than hot yoga but a bit cooler than bikram. Still, my thighs were handed to me. šŸ™‚

  2. tinafreysd

    Pure soaps contain organic ingredients, and you can make it at home with the right ingredients and supplies..


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