Girls on the Run NYC Needs Your Help This Sunday!

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[photos courtesy of Girls on the Run]

Every single Girls on the Run race, I’ve had a scheduling conflict, and I know being a coach takes up more time that I can devote right now–but the program sounds amazing. It’s something that my friend/Former Coworker Abby is incredibly passionate about, so my Catholic guilt kicked in for not making it to any of the GOTR events I’m happy to help her spread the word.

If you’re unfamiliar with Girls on the Run, they help empower young girls–through running–to learn to treat themselves with respect and to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Due to overwhelmingly awesome growth, they need more volunteers at their season-end 5K at Asphalt Green this Sunday! Again, I have a schedule conflict, but NY runner buddies: maybe you can help!

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Abby says: “This is a great way to squeeze in some exercise as well as experience the excitement of race day firsthand. The day is incredibly inspiring. I nearly cried the first time I witnessed all of the girls crossing the finish line of their first 5K with friends and family cheering them on. Gives me chills just thinking about it!”

They need both running buddies (as in, someone who runs the race with one of the girls) and general volunteers (who help out with handing water or working the sign-in table), and you can sign up at those respective links. There’s a small fee for each, which covers processing costs/background checks and race fees–but everyone receives a shirt and swag bag.

17 comments on “Girls on the Run NYC Needs Your Help This Sunday!

  1. sonali

    Haha this is so random – but that’s me in the picture above! (We met at the Urban Girl Squad/Athleta run this past weekend) πŸ™‚ Kinda neat! Also, love the GOTR-NYC plug!! Thanks for doing this!

  2. Allie

    Love the publicity for GOTR NYC – thanks! And I love the photo of my pal Sonali ;). Alex @ Healthy Life Happy Wife – the Mini 10k is on Saturday, so you can still do this on Sunday. My girls are so excited for the 5K, and are pretty pumped to all be paired with a running buddy. Thanks to all who support GOTR!

  3. Vanessa @ Project Zen

    Girls on the Run was my first 5k race down here in the Lancaster area! I ran it a few weeks ago. The spirit and the enthusiasm of the crowds was so beautiful that it made an iPodless run (yes, mine died!) seem pretty forgettable. I’ll post that they are looking GOTR in NYC is looking for volunteers on my blog.. who knows? Maybe some people might come out!

    Keep writing because I’ll be reading!

  4. Jamie

    Thanks for posting!! I definitely may sign up for this… do you know the course of the race? I was looking around for it but couldn’t find it. Thanks!

    1. Former Coworker Abby

      @Jamie: Hi Jamie! The race starts at Asphalt Green on the Upper East Side, runs up along the East River (near the water), then loops back down the East side to finish at Asphalt Green where friends and family are cheering for the girls. So fun!

  5. Alex

    I am not in the city right now but I would really love to get involved with GOTR and am hoping I can volunteer or coach in the coming fall season. Such an inspiring program!


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