Slow Down Everyone, You’re Moving Too Fast


This little grocery haul looks like that of someone who is training for a race and making soup, right?

Or someone who’s been sick all week. The week started out with severe stomach issues (I’ll just leave it at that; use your imagination) on Monday morning, but by Tuesday afternoon, I still was feeling awful. I felt like I was hungover, but I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol since Saturday night.

Finally on Tuesday afternoon, I realized it was really weird for one morning of being sick to my stomach to still make me feel that off, and I left work a bit early to go to the doctor.

For a general practitioner, I’d been seeing my family doctor in NJ, but he doesn’t take my lame new insurance. I had a “backup” GP here in the city, but he also doesn’t take my new insurance. I’d walked past a new urgent care and decided to stop in there.

CityMD? I wholeheartedly recommend. I went to the one on 23rd, which is brand new, but they have a few locations. I was in and out in about half an hour, and he said it was probably infectious colitis. He recommended stronger probiotics (Culturelle and FloraStor) and just eating bananas, broth, toast and rice for the next 24 hours.

When I left the doctor, I was all WOO CARBS! But just one meal of pastina (I figured it was similar enough to rice) in, and I was missing veggies and protein.

And realizing I need to slow down a bit and stop overextending myself.

I came straight home from work Monday and Tuesday and I took a sick day today (as in a real sick day, where I didn’t do any work…um, after 11), and I know my body appreciates it. I barely had enough energy to walk Bailey around the block this morning. I can only go-go-go for so long, apparently.

I am excited for a race + brunch this weekend and a work and blogger event on Sunday and otherwise spending lots of time laying low with Bailey.

One day I’ll learn to slow down before my body makes me.

I’m going to go think about this in bed.

7 comments on “Slow Down Everyone, You’re Moving Too Fast

  1. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    Rest up girl! And definitely keep your eye on that. I had something late last year that put me on that same diet for WEEKS and had me in the hospital for a week. My biggest problem was that I had it for weeks and we never knew so by the time we caught it, I was NOT in good shape. That’s not to scare you, but just keep your eye on it and if it doesn’t get better in a few days see another doctor. Not sure the difference between what you had and what I did, but I know stomach issues are the WORST.

  2. Laura @ Joyful Shimmy

    Rest up! I hate when my body breaks down as the final reminder to really slow down! It sucks because being on the go for me its my soothing go to activity. Yet the reality is that slowing down is just as necessary as moving forward.

    Make sure to rest, take it easy on yourself- even if your head can feel all over the place.

  3. Katherine

    Crash dieting is very damaging in your metabolism and will actually cause your metabolism to slow down further.Pills that increase metabolism are very dangerous and can also slow metabolism even further once off them.


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