A Hot and Humbling Run

Just in case you live in Alaska, and it’s 50 degrees where you are right now

Screen shot 2012-07-01 at 8.44.06 PM.png

and you have not been on the Internets at all this weekend, I would like to inform you that it is very hot in NYC and most of the rest of the country right now.

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It’s nearly 9pm as I write this. Which means that it was really freaking hot during the day.

And it was yesterday. So I should have known better this morning, but knowing I have a summer ahead of early morning runs one day of each weekend, I had no desire to wake up early this morning to run.

So I went out at 9am, and pretty much died. I was happy for every stoplight I hit running west, and I definitely took a few walk breaks once I reached the West Side Highway, which I rarely do. I bought a handheld water bottle yesterday, and I drained the 12 ounces even before I’d finished a mile. I was thinking about doing 4 miles (totally savoring the last week of no training plan), but ended up running back to the High Line, running that and stopping at 3 and walking the rest of the way home.

I regret nothing.

And don’t know how you Florida people do it.

But I do know that a summer of marathon training will only make me a stronger runner come the fall. (Sidenote: how is it that I am training for my third marathon? When did this happen?) Fighting through the heat and humidity makes me feel like I’m flying come fall, which is always a nice little ego boost.


Post run, I had a hot date with Shannon and her husband at H.K. for brunch. It’s really close to their apartment–and my old apartment–so we’d bought deals for it when it went on LivingSocial. They have a bottomless cocktail for $16.95 special, and let’s just say that I never found the bottom of this champagne flute.


For breakfast, I had a frittata with sausage and guacamole and awesomeness. In my 29 years on this year, I’ve actually never tried a frittata (okay, a full-sized frittata–I searched my blog, and apparently I’ve had mini ones), and the whole cooking it on the stove and then putting it in the oven thing seemed beyond my cooking skills, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to order a skillet and start eating my weight in frittatas.

So: favorite brunch drink? And are frittatas easier to make than I think? What else do you skillet-owners cook in your fancy cast-iron pans? Or do you just use them as weapons?

(True story: apparently when the meter man used to come to read the meter, my great-grandma used to follow him with her frying pan and threaten to hit him over the head if he wasn’t “on the level.” )

21 comments on “A Hot and Humbling Run

  1. jess

    Frittatas are super easy. We make them at least once a week and dont even use a cast iron skillet. Just a regular one.

  2. Dori

    I also cut my 4 mile run down to 3. I usually thrive in the heat but yesterday was just so unbearable and tough. It happens! Favorite brunch drink is definitely a Bloody Mary.

  3. Cathryn @ myheartscontent

    We were camping this weekend in a hot place and I had to get up at 6am to run. Was worth it though – running in the heat is brutal!!

    My fave brunch drink is simple Champagne. You can’t beat it. I can’t remember the last time I had brunch with Champagne though. It’s normally just tea or coffee.

  4. Laura @ sweatingforit

    mmmmm. Mimosas are my favorite brunch drink, but I could probably do any kind of champagne based brunch drink. It’s really hot in New Orleans right now, but like you, I push through by thinking how much better I’ll be in the fall!

  5. Liz

    Good for you for even getting out there in this heat! I’m training for Chicago so I had a 12 miler on Sat…Holy humidity! We took off at 6:30 which was too late. Uggh. But, when it’s all done and the miles are logged I officially feel like a rockstar!

  6. kelsey

    I’m so impressed that you’re training in the heat! I’m starting to train for my 3rd half marathon (never done a full one, yet!) but I’m in Canada this month so it’s nice and cool. Good luck – you’ll be great!

  7. Kelly

    Having just gotten home (to Florida) from our first trip to NYC, I was shocked by the heat levels in the city. It was so nice when we got up there but as the week went on it became horrible. I hope it gets cooler again soon so training won’t be so freaking hot!

  8. Christina

    The heat was brutal this weekend. Nothing is more humbling than running with your 15 year old cousin who decided to run for the first time. I guess she “paced” me or something because I seriously felt my age when I got home. Also, running in Brooklyn with this heat is no joke!

    P.S. guacamole goes with EVERYTHING! Especially eggs 😉

  9. Shauna @ Pleasure, Not Punishment

    Fritattas are suuuuper easy and Lodge Cast-Iron Skillets are very reasonably priced. You can use any pan that is oven safe but cast iron will release the frittata more successfully.

    My favorite brunch drink is a big ole Diet Coke on ice. Thank you for asking. 😀

    Happy Monday!

  10. Meghan

    After running Boston in 90 degree temps this year, I am hoping my summer training for NYC will be easier! Fritattas are very easy to make and pair well with an extra spicy Bloody Mary! 🙂

  11. Laura

    That frittata looks huge and delicious! I want to go to HK now…

    I actually find frittatas somewhat of a pain to make – who wants to wait all the time for it to bake? As long as I’m just serving myself, I prefer to make a thin omelet and just fold it over itself for thickness.

  12. kristle

    the worst is when you get a blast of warm air wafting up at you like it’s coming from the hot macadam! i too, cut my 4 mi run to 3 yesterday morning around 9:30.

  13. Nicole

    This heat has gotten me out running or walking the dogs super early…except yesterday I did a 4m run at Noon. What-was-I-thinking?! It was tough, but I was on a shaded path for 1/2 of it and I made it.

  14. Lauri

    My Italian Great Aunt makes the BEST frittatas so I’d rather wait and eat hers :). my favorite brunch drink is hands down a mimosa – hold the OJ 🙂

  15. Susan Varney

    Since, it is summer the day is really hot. However, running can still be done even if the day is so hot. In fact, I engage running every morning before going to work.


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