Important Female Friendships


Tonight, I had drinks with one of my most favorite people in the world, Julie.

The official calendar invite I sent her said “NYJL Transition + Wine,” but I’ll be real: most of our talking didn’t focus around our transition. (I’m taking over her Junior League position.)

Working with other women–much less in an organization of almost 3,000 of them–can be difficult, but Julie is truly one of those gems who’s not afraid to celebrate other women’s successes, and we’ve worked tremendously well together because we can be entirely honest with each other and not worry about offending each other.

That close collaboration means we’ve been able to accomplish awesome things together, which wouldn’t be possible without such a close relationship. It also means that I feel as ready as possible to take over her position, because she’s brought me in as a trusted partner, rather than trying to take all the credit for herself.

We sat and talked for hours and hours. She’s running the Marine Corps Marathon this fall as her first marathon, and I’m really excited to be there for her, like she’s been there for me the past few years.

While most of this blog focuses on physical health, I absolutely believe that mental health has a strong correlation to physical health, and quality friendships play a huge part in that.

Which woman in your life (other than your mom) has had the biggest impact on your life?

I’d say that this has varied for me based on my stage of life, but for the past few years, Julie has had a huge impact on my life and has taught me to believe in myself. My old boss, Morgan, was pretty awesome, too. The lessons I’ve learned from both of these brilliant ladies are lessons I’ll carry for the rest of my life.

13 comments on “Important Female Friendships

  1. Jessica

    There have been a number of influential women in my life, most of them I’ve met through work, professional associations or volunteering. Women can be so competitive with each other and I think it’s so much more important to be supportive of one another. Cheers to awesome relationships!

  2. Meghan

    I’m pretty lucky to have lots of great female friends and an amazing sister. One woman who really stands out was a former supervisor who really took on a mentor role, helping guide me to the career path I eventually took. And she’s a ton of fun in addition to being ridiculously smart! 🙂

  3. Tara Burner

    my mother hasn’t done squat for me so that’s easy to not include her…
    and sadly I dont have anyone (female or male) who has impacted my life.
    I’ve kinda had to do it all on my own since I was a teen and don’t have any local ‘friends’ so…

  4. Corrie Anne

    Exactly. Female friendships are so important. I had one boss — while I was working in a cafeteria in college — who just made a huge impact on me. I also have a girlfriend of 27 years (we’re 27!) that I talk to daily. Our moms were friends before we were born. I feel so blessed to have her.

  5. Julie

    Speechless and in happy tears over this lovely post, Theodora! YOU are the gem and I am blessed to know you! xoxo

  6. Caitlin

    inspiring women are amazing, especially when you are able to become close with them and learn from them. i have found myself in awe of women i’ve met through the blog world, whether in person or not, in particular. i know that seeing someone’s life through a blog isn’t the same as seeing their life’s full picture…but it’s inspiring just the same.

  7. Tamara

    I love this post. Always happy to give shout outs to women who inspire other women.

    One of my most important female relationships is with the woman who mentored me during my certifications in group fitness and personal training. She was my favourite step instructor for years and she saw in me the potential to motivate and inspire others. She encouraged me to get certified (long before I thought of it myself) and has supported me throughout the journey.

    Thanks Lori! (she doesn’t read blogs, not even mine, but I’m shouting her name out anyways!)

  8. Cathryn Ramsden

    I love this post too – female friendships are so flipping important! I have amazing friends, who have all influenced me and made me want to be a better person. However there are two that stand out – firstly my Mum. I know you said ‘apart from your mum’ but she is phenomenal and I want to be just like her when I grow up.

    And secondly, there’s a wonderful lady in my church called Lois (who will never see this online). Just being around her makes me feel like a better person. She makes me want to be kinder, gentler, less judgmental, closer to God and generally more like I should be.

    So thanks Mum and thanks Lois (and thanks Theodora for reminding me).

  9. Shauna @ Pleasure, Not Punishment

    Wonderful post. I feel very fortunate to have a number of female friends and colleagues in my life who inspire me.

    The woman who has truly shaped who I am and what I do is my long-time voice teacher. She has been the model for my own teaching and is the epitome of grace, intelligence, and strength.

  10. Abby @ Back at Square Zero

    I totally agree that your friendships (& family) play a huge part on your mental health which I think is directly connected to your overall health. My two best friends are a huge part of my life. One of them is my marathon training partner who supports and encourages me through everything and the other is the one I confide everything in and is probably the biggest supporter of my new desire to become a blogger.

  11. Nicols e

    This post has really resonated with me. What does it mean if I don’t have any female friends, mother, mentor that has influenced me?

    Lots to think about here…


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