Week 11 MCM Training: Life Happens.

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First, let’s be real: I don’t agree that my training was stellar last week.

Now, let’s be kind: considering the circumstances, it wasn’t too damn bad. Last week wasn’t great.

The plan called for: a 4-miler, ~9 miles, including some Yassos, a 10-miler with 2 at marathon pace and a 20-miler.

What actually happened?

Monday: I <3 rest. And lamp.

Tuesday: Despite pretty crippling anxiety at this point, I woke up and ran 4 miles, hoping it might help even a little bit. It did not help a damn bit. The only thing this run accomplished was getting in the miles–but I’m still grateful for that.

Wednesday: Nope, no way in hell.


Thursday: Got in the planned track workout. The mileage didn’t quite add up to “nearly nine”–I ran 2 miles to warm up, 4.15 of the intervals and 2 to cool down–but it was still a decent workout that helped me head back to work ready to take things on.

Friday/Saturday: Sleep was far more important to me these days. I’m okay with that.


Sunday: I got my 20 in! It wasn’t the best run ever, but it wasn’t the worst run ever. I’m just happy I did it.

So…yeah. Just when I was supposed to have one of my peak weeks, and hit one of my first 40+ miles weeks, I didn’t. But life happens, and LIFE HAPPENED last week. Marine Corps is in just under 6 weeks, so I have just about 3 weeks to go before I start tapering. (When the hell did THAT happen?) I’m going to make the best of it.

How do you adjust your training plan when life gets in the way? At what point do you reassess your goals? (I don’t think I’m ready to reassess just yet, just curious.)

14 comments on “Week 11 MCM Training: Life Happens.

  1. Linda

    My goal was to heartily at my time from my first marathon (last year). I think I was on track for it, then I got injured, took a few days off, went to the doctor, and eased back. I can run now with relatively few complaints, but I’m slower this year (being stressed at work and gaining weight instead of losing weight may have contributed to that). I kind of gradually adjusted my goals. Now I have my ultimate goal – to finish – and a more realistic time goal to just PR, even if it’s by a minute. 🙂
    I think youre still good to reach your goals – no need for adjustment just yet.

  2. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    Don’t beat yourself up about last week. Think about how you’d have written this post if you had the flu or something – you probably wouldn’t feel like life got in the way, you’d realize you were sick and had to rest to get better. Your mental health is just as important and it also takes some rest to get it better 🙂 Be proud of what you got in! You did a great job, lady! 🙂

  3. Liz

    This year I have been pretty spot on with my training, but last year I had a foot injury that kept me off my feet for a week, my coach reminded me that I had a good base to begin with, I had already put in 12 hard weeks so the one week off was not going to make or break me, and you now what, he was right! So my thoughts are to not worry! You have this in the bag!!

  4. Celia

    Training plans are built with a little cushion. A few workouts here or there aren’t going to make or break anything. Just try to do the best you can going forward in these last peak weeks before tapering.

  5. Emily N

    I am down to less than 5 weeks until Columbus and so I have 2 more solid weeks before tapering. I am getting nervous.

    Relating to your “stellar” training? I also received stellar this past week from daily mile and I slammed in 47 miles including a 20 on Sunday. I am not sure how that works…

  6. Ang

    Major props to you. It’s hard to deal with anxiety and depression. Been there, still doing that. I deal with it by crawling into bed. At least you’re still getting out there and moving your butt. Yay you!!!

  7. Jessica@sweatismysanity

    I think it’s key to do your best each day and just look at that day. Of course it’s great to have a running schedule but it’s more important to not be so hard on yourself. Life happens and it always will. 🙂

  8. Kristin

    Near taper or the last week or two of training is when I’d adjust goals. By then you can tell how/if you’re recovering and increasing fitness. I had to adjust already sadly because I just wasn’t responding to the training. But will adjust one last time just pre-race. I used to try to “make up” lost training, but finally learned to let it go and just start fresh when you can. Life will always get in the way, until I win the lottery 🙂

  9. fionarwbl

    Been catching up on your posts – thinking of you…

    Life gets in the way of my training a lot, maybe more than it should. This week I moved my 9m Monday run to Thursday morning because of exhaustion from Napa Ragnar, and Tuesday and Wednesday had early meetings. I’m going to be running hills and the Fifth Avenue mile the day before a long run, which isn’t ideal, but you know, there’s that life thing. I’m also re-evaluating my goals at the moment, after a summer of less than stellar training – I had a crazy stretch goal of 3:40, but now my stretch is 3:45, and my real goal is sub-4, and really, even those are tough to consider at the moment. I’m sad about it, but I can’t beat myself up about it – if running a 3:40 was a true goal for me, then I would turn down events and go to bed at 9pm, but I don’t. Yes, I’d like to, but I prefer to spend time with friends and family.


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