Why October Is Going to Rock

I love flip-flops, beach days and sundresses. Team Summer all the way.


I enjoy occasionally baking with pumpkin and drinking pumpkin beer–and I love cooler runs–but otherwise, fall is take it or leave it for me.

BUT! I have been waiting for this October all year.

On deck:


Junior League Homecoming this Friday


A friend’s wedding


An ex’s wedding


Army Ten-Miler


Screen shot 2012-10-03 at 10.41.30 PM.png

MARINE CORPS MARATHON. 24 days from now.

So, time to get some sleep.

What are you excited for in the month of October?

16 comments on “Why October Is Going to Rock

  1. Lauren

    I’m excited for a much deserved trip to Mexico this month!!! I do love the change of seasons but I’m not quite ready for the next one. Winter and I just don’t get along. 🙂

  2. NYC Fit Girl

    Hey Theodora! I am not sure if you will recognize me with my new blog but I am Megan and we have met a few times at various blogger events.

    Anyway looks like you have lots of fun events coming up. I recently joined The Junior League myself and I have prelim training coming up later this month. I will be in the Wednesday night accelerated class. A few things I volunteered for is the House Tour on the 19th and hanging out sponges at the marathon.

    Anyway that was long; have a nice day!

  3. Anne P

    Woot woot!!!! Can’t wait to see you next weekend! And… the weekend after! And… the weekend after that! Lol.

    p.s. That photo of us is amazing.

  4. Stacey

    October will rock because of the cool weather–FINALLY, my favorite race, the Wicked 10k in Virginia Beach, and pumpkin everything. Can’t wait to hear about the MCM–considering that for my first marathon next year!

  5. Life's a Bowl

    I bought my husband a pack of pumpkin ale last fall and he wasn’t a big fan BUT I was later told that there are definitely some better ones than others… Suggestions?!

  6. Melissa

    I LOVE October! Normally I’m just like you – a total summer girl – but October has my birthday, the Long Beach Half Marathon (which was my first ever race last year), and a dear friend’s wedding the day before my birthday. And, I absolutely adore all things pumpkin. I can’t wait to bake!

  7. Heidi

    so i might not be running the A10 as planned but I will be the best and loudest spectator out there 🙂 I’ll be looking for you! 😀 🙂


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