Week 12 MCM Training Recap: Almost There!!

week o'924.jpg

Second week of 37 miles, when I should have been at 45. (Above says 22 because I forgot to log my 15 on Sunday.)

Let’s do a little recap here:

Monday: woo, rest day

Tuesday: 7 before work, like a boss.


Wednesday: awesome 9-mile tempo

Thursday: 6 miles with Ashley

Friday: Was supposed to do a 1-mile time trial but was planning on combining it with Saturday’s run

Saturday: Woke up exhausted and felt incredibly lethargic all day and just couldn’t motivate

Sunday: 15 miles at a faster pace than I wanted to go

Overall: I feel awesome about the miles I did get in. I don’t have any pain (FIND SOME WOOD, KNOCK ON IT), and I nailed the paces I was trying to reach.

This week is my peak week and another busy week at work.

Eye on the prize. 26 days.


Oh, wait. He’s not the prize?

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