Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving?


I am most thankful for going nowhere near a mall today.



After yesterday’s turkey trot (that post is updated with official + Garmin results, FYI), I came home and got to work on making my contribution for yesterday: maple-glazed Brussels sprouts with bacon.


I feel like they taste like one put more work into them than one actually did. Which is what I always go for when cooking.


The bird with the bird. Long story behind it, but one of my mom’s nicknames is Bird. (So there was some cannibalism yesterday?)


Antipasto. (My dad made his yearly “I’m pro-pasta” joke.)

so much yum.jpg.jpg

…And everything else.


Including this little snuglebunny, Lexi, my cousin’s daughter. I can’t believe it was just a year and a half ago I headed up to Rhode Island with my family to pick her up. She’s now walking and talking. Guaranteed giggles for hours? (From me and her.) Ask her if she’s a good girl. Every single time she says “Bad girl!” and giggles with glee.

How was your Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Mine are stuffing and (not pictured but still there) spaghetti and meatballs.

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