Fitness Goals for the Rest of the Year

In the beginning of 2012, I set a bunch of goals.

One of them was sub-4 or bust in the marathon. I got really damn close, but didn’t quite get there.


Maybe I just need a more aerodynamic ponytail. It must have slowed me down a lot, flying all over the place.

Another was a sub-1:50 half. Well, that was audacious. It turned out I only had the drive this year to push hard for a full, and that’s fine.

For the rest of 2012, I have two big fitness-related goals to focus on.

1. 1,000 miles for the year.

Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 8.54.23 AM.png

72 miles, 5 weeks to go. My running motivation has been low since the marathon, but I’m pretty sure I can bust out 72 miles in the next 5 weeks. You can follow along on DailyMile.

2. Operation Feel Confident in a Bikini

That’s how this whole weight-loss journey started a few years ago. I was going to Aruba for a friend’s wedding, and wanted to feel confident on the beach in a bathing suit. I lost 35 pounds by the wedding (and the last 15 in the following 6 months), and felt so damn confident in that bikini. I lost 15 pounds after that, but somewhere along the way, I lost a bit of that body confidence, too.

For the past two years, I’ve been obsessed with running and completely neglected strength training, and my core shows it. Running is amazing for me mentally, and it has definitely helped keep the weight off, but hasn’t done anything for muscle definition.

I’ve tried again and again to get into strength training, and just couldn’t make myself. I contemplated working out with a trainer again, but I really want to be able to make this something I can do on my own, and I know that when I work out with a trainer, I get complete workout amnesia and can never remember afterwards what we did.

I’m going to St. Croix over New Year’s and want to feel awesome in a bikini. So I’m working with Jess for the next month on strength. She develops a strength training plan for me that I do on my own. (Full disclosure: I get a discount on her services as part of her social media influencer program.) I’m also trying her nutrition counseling services. I know what to eat to lose weight, but my goal here is really to tone up and have abs that I don’t hate. And abs are made in the kitchen and all that.

What are your fitness goals for the rest of the year?

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  1. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    Strength training is so important and when I slack on my strength training, especially working out my abs – I notice! But when I DO more strength and ab work – I notice! Funny how that works! I’ve been spending a lot more time on my abs lately, creating new programs that change it up, keep my body guessing, and keep me from getting bored. I even posted one today! But I’ve definitely seen improvement over the last few weeks which of course I LOVE!

  2. Beckett @ Birchwood Pie

    For what it’s worth, I became a much faster runner a few weeks after I started strength training. And then I got obsessed with it and somehow stopped running, but that’s another story. Goals for the rest of 2012: keep working toward pullups and keep pushing high incline treadmill work to build endurance.

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Beckett @ Birchwood Pie: I do remember you leaving a comment like this on one of my posts! I’m mostly doing this for superficial reasons, honestly, but I do love that it will likely make me a faster runner, and I know it’s good for your bones too!

  3. Jennifer

    I really like your fitness goals! I’m “new” to running after taking a long, like almost 10 year break. This time around I’m making sure to include strength training so it’s nice to see an experienced runner include strength training in their goals.

    I love your blog, BTW!

    Jennifer πŸ™‚

  4. Jessica

    I am getting married on New Years Eve – and on the beach no less. We’re pretty much eloping, but I know that there is a chance that a friend or two might post a bathing suit photo sans approval on Facebook. (oh the horror!)

    I’m in pretty good shape, but have some last minute toning and a few pounds to lose. I met with a trainer to get a plan yesterday. He said that 90% of my results will be related to diet. People will try to sabotage you. Don’t let them. Make sure everything you put in your mouth has a purpose!

    I will be running 3 days a week (training for a 15k in January) and weight training. My trainer gave me 4 workouts to do each week. My focus is on upper body and core – I’m trying to avoid the dreaded wedding dress armpit fat.

    I’m starting today, even though my entire kitchen is full of cookies and apple pie and CARBS. Ack!

  5. Jess

    I love your goals for the rest of the year! I’m trying to focus more on strength training too (hence the whole CrossFit thing) because yea running is great, but I have little chicken arms as a result haha!

  6. Charlie (The Runner Beans)

    Have you tried taking a weights class, like Body Pump? Its the easiest way I’ve found to get weights into my routine. I suffer from workout amnesia too. I have to print out pictures and write descriptions of the moves! totally with you on the bikini body confidence goal!

      1. Julia

        I like it.Previously I drag and drop to a task but with a folder I think you get more crontol. You can also set aside a block of time to get through the replies rather than the constant pecking when it is spread throughout the day. It is also very satisfying, especially at the end of the week, to have a cleared inbox. Even with mail to reply to in a folder it is just one task.

  7. Nicole

    Fitness goal is to lean up a bit more and make sure I’m fueling my body with plenty of protein.
    I use the Jari Love Get Ripped DVDs for at home strength training – they really work. I try to do these at home workouts at least 3x/week.

  8. Laura @ sweatingforit

    I’m shooting for 1000 miles for the year too! I’m at about 960 so right now I’m feeling confident I’ll get there. I’d also love a sub 2:00 half, but I’m not sure I’m there yet. Next year I’d like to lose the last 15 pounds to hit my goal weight.

  9. Liz

    I’m on a strength training kick too! I’m on attempt #2 at the New Rules of Lifting for Women… I’m hoping it helps prevent any more running injuries (currently on a hiatus nursing an annoying case of Runner’s Knee), and makes me feel awesome in a bikini too! I’ve proclaimed this the winter of “getting buff and strong.”

  10. Taylor @ LiftingRevolution

    You can definitely hit those goals! 72 miles… you got that! Good luck with strength training! I am the opposite, sometimes neglect me running for gym workouts. And my times show it, lol. My goal… 20+ miles/week for the rest of the year! This week only 18 so I’ll bump it up this week.

  11. Stacey

    Nice goals for the rest of the year! I too have become completely obsessed with running and forgot about strength training…I just started a plan 2 weeks ago and I already feel stronger. My goals include–doing the RW Holiday Run Streak Challenge; not gaining weight; and continue with strength training πŸ™‚

  12. Dori

    I wish you could come to Refine more! It’s really done wonders for my strength, running and overall fitness levels. My goal for the rest of the year is to just be consistent with my workouts. Get to as many classes that will make me stronger as possible, with some spin sessions thrown in as well.

  13. Cathryn

    My goals weren’t that ambitious…3 half marathons, done done and done. Next year I’ll be a bit braver!!! I think they should include abs (ugh) and maybe some yoga (ugh too).

    I still don’t speak Spanish, either!!

  14. Sara Grace

    I had an amazing trip to St. Croix last year – HIGHLY recommend doing the Buck’s Island snorkel. One of the most amazing experiences of my life. I actually finished my SCUBA cert in St. Croix; the dive team there is wonderful.

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Sara Grace: OOH! Would love any St. Croix tips you have. You have my email πŸ™‚

      My friend was trying to convince me to do my SCUBA cert here before we go. I’ve never done scuba before, so I was reluctant to spend all that time and money…but I do plan on trying it there.

  15. Kashi @ Cape Island Runners

    Ugh, hear you on the strength training! One day io will get into it… but probs not today! For the rest of the year my goal is to nurse my muscles back to health (ran the Philly marathon a few weeks back and still recovering!) so that I can start training for my second ultra this spring. Yahooo!

  16. Mike Caton

    Great blog. Especially clever banner. Good luck with the running goal, but you should make that, right? As for the swimsuit goal… based on your picture, you’re already there.
    Have fun!


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